Instagram Reels Templates: Create Professional Instagram Reels in 2023

Oct 10, 2023 12:00:00 PM | Instagram Instagram Reels Templates: Create Professional Instagram Reels in 2023

Enhance your Instagram Reels with professional templates. Engage your audience, and save time and energy by using visual appeal with customizable designs.

If you are a business owner or using Instagram Reels for personal use, one of the best ways to interact with your target audience is through Instagram Reels.

This is because an Instagram Reel gets a 2.7% interaction rate, according to Gitnux. You should also be aware that the percentage of people interacting with an Instagram Reel is 22.6% greater than with a standard Instagram video. And an overwhelming majority of influential people are already using Instagram Reels.

Hence, creating Instagram reels that resonate with your target audience and receive enough views takes more work and time than you think. Consider how much time and effort will be needed to make reels. This makes using Instagram Reels Templates an excellent idea. Read on to learn how to use Instagram Reels Templates to the fullest.

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What Are Instagram Reels Templates?

Let's say you've allotted yourself 1 hour to make an Instagram Reel, but you end up spending 3 hours to finish it. How frustrating can it be? Well, in this case, Instagram Reels Template can be of help. So, what exactly are Instagram Reels Templates?

Instagram Reels Templates are ready-made frameworks for making Instagram Reels videos that are both gripping and aesthetically pleasing. You get access to a plethora of selections while working with these templates. 

As a content creator, you can use Instagram Reels Templates’ features to create engaging videos. For instance, you can use the premade countdown templates to create excitement and anticipation.

Instagram Reels Templates help save time and energy. They also ensure the production of high-quality videos. You can also use these templates to create content that resonates with your target audience.

How To Find Reel Templates?

There are many ways to find Instagram Reel templates. You can either find them on Instagram by using the customized Instagram templates on Instagram itself or find them on different online platforms. Hence, below are the easy ways to find Instagram Reels Templates:

How To Find Reel Templates With Using Instagram Reels Templates  

To find Instagram Reels Templates for free on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram app and navigate to your profile.
    Instagram reel templates
  2. Tap on the plus icon at the top right corner of your phone and select Reel.
    Instagram reel templates
  3. Look down beside the camera icon and tap on Templates.
    Instagram reel template
  4. You will see different types of templates. Choose any reel templates you want.
    Instagram reel template

How To Find Reel Templates with Professional Video Editing Software

Discover some top-notch IG Reel Template apps to enhance your reel editing experience. These powerful tools offer pro features and exceptional editing capabilities. Let's delve into each app:

Lift: Reels & Story Maker

Lift provides creators with everything they need to craft intriguing content. It offers an extensive library of 50+ fonts, royalty-free music, and a convenient color picker tool.

Lift: Reels & Story Maker offers a Brand Kit feature, which lets you store your personalized fonts, colors, and logos. With a diverse selection of over 100 Instagram Reels and story templates, the app will save you time and effort. Scroll down to see how to use it!

Download it now and see why it received 4.9 stars on the App Store.

Adobe Premium Pro

Adobe Premium Pro is a professional video editing platform that offers various Instagram Reels Templates. You can easily access them through Adobe Stock Integration. With it, you can search and download different templates, especially those specifically designed for Instagram Reels.


Although it is well-known for graphic designs, you can also easily create and edit videos. Canva also has extensive library features like stock images, music, and videos to enhance your Instagram Reels. You can make use of the different templates provided and enjoy them.

How to Use Instagram Reels Templates with the Help of Lift: Reels & Story Maker?

Here’s how to use Instagram Reels Templates with Lift: Reels & Story Maker and enhance your Reels and increase your views:

  1. Download Lift: Reels & Story Maker from the App Store. 
  2. After installing, allow Lift to access pictures from your iPhone.
  3. Choose any IG Reels Templates to your liking—and start creating!Lift: Reels & Story Maker templates
  4. Share your final result on Instagram.

Wrapping Up

Using Instagram Reels Templates can easily save you time and energy. Not only that, but they will also enhance the quality of your content. You can take advantage of the templates as they allow consistency with your content and effectively engage with your audience. You can also make use of different tools provided in the templates. 

For effectiveness, you can likewise download Lift: Reel & Story Maker. Lift’s editing tools (removing photo backgrounds, text animation, and royalty-free music) and a wide array of Instagram Reels Templates will level up your views on Instagram. 

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