7 Content Creation Tools You’ll Need in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Apr 3, 2024 8:09:00 AM | Instagram 7 Content Creation Tools You’ll Need in 2024 [Free & Paid]

Check out these 7 content creation tools you can start using right now to ease the burden of content creation.

In the ever-evolving digital landscape of 2024, content creators face a competitive environment brimming with creativity and innovation. With the surge in digital consumption, the need for cutting-edge content creation tools has never been more critical. Whether you're a budding influencer, a seasoned marketer, or an entrepreneur looking to carve out your niche online, harnessing the power of advanced tools for content creation is key to standing out. The rise of AI tools for content creation, in particular AI reel makers, has revolutionized the way we think about and execute digital storytelling. 

In this article, we’ll explore seven indispensable content creation tools that are set to dominate the digital realm in 2024, each playing a pivotal role in elevating your content game.

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7 Best Content Creation Tools 

1. Lift: Reels & Story Maker: The Ultimate All-In-One Content Creation Tool

Lift app on the App Store

Lift: Reels & Story Maker is a comprehensive app designed for digital content creation, particularly for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating engaging and visually appealing Reels and Stories. 

Lift is equipped with a wide range of features, including video content creation, customizable templates, advanced editing tools, and a variety of effects and filters. Users can easily create content directly within the app, ranging from short-form videos to interactive stories, making it a versatile tool for social media enthusiasts and professionals.

Pros of Using Lift: Reels & Story Maker:

  • AI  Content Creation Tools: Lift equips you with such built-in AI tools as Magic Eraser, Background Remover, and AI Avatars. Besides, you’ll have an AI SMM assistant to help you generate visual content ideas, provide you with the latest social media trends, and create personalized hashtags.

Lift AI content creation toolsStart Using Lift AI Tools

  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with an intuitive interface, making it accessible even for beginners.
  • 1000+ Customizable Templates: Offers a diverse range of templates that can be customized to fit your style and preferences.
  • Diverse Content Options: From Reels to Stories, the app supports various content formats suitable for different social media platforms.
  • Time-Saving: Streamlines the content creation process, saving time for creators who need to regularly post content.


  • Free Trial: you’re entitled to a 7-day free trial.
  • Lift Pro Subscription: 4.99 USD per week; 59.99 USD per year

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Why Content Creators Need Lift: Reels & Story Maker

  • Multiple AI Content Creator Tools:  let the AI tools do the work for you. 
  • Enhanced Creativity: Allows content creators to bring their visions to life with professional tools and customizable templates.
  • Consistent Branding: Helps in maintaining a consistent aesthetic and style across all posts, which is crucial for personal or brand identity.
  • Efficiency: Streamlines the content creation process, enabling creators to produce more content in less time.
  • Increased Engagement: High-quality, visually appealing content tends to engage an audience, essential for growth and visibility on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.
  • Monetization Opportunities: For creators looking to monetize their online presence, professional-looking content can attract partnerships and sponsorships.

Lift: Reels & Story Maker is a vital content creation tool in the digital space, blending ease of use with sophisticated capabilities to cater to the dynamic needs of social media content production.

Google Trends: Riding the Wave of Trending Topics

Google Trends


Google Trends is a free web tool beloved by content creators. It provides insights into search trends across the globe. It allows you to see how often specific terms are searched for over time and across different regions, offering valuable data for content creators to understand audience interests and optimize their work.

Pros for Content Creators:

  • Trendspotting Master: Discover what topics are gaining traction and generating buzz before they peak, keeping your content fresh and relevant.
  • Seasonal Insights: Identify seasonal trends and plan your content calendar accordingly, ensuring your offerings resonate with current searches.
  • Geographic Targeting: Understand where your target audience is located and tailor your content to their specific interests and search patterns.
  • Competitor Analysis: See what topics your competitors are focusing on and find gaps in their coverage to develop unique content that stands out.
  • Content Brainstorming Fuel: Use trending topics and related searches to spark new ideas, ensuring your content remains engaging and innovative.


  • Google Trends is completely free to use, making it a great free content-creation tool for everyone.

Why Content Creators Need It:

Content creation thrives on relevance and engagement. Google Trends empowers you to:

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Stay informed about emerging trends and capitalize on them before they become saturated, ensuring your content feels fresh and timely.
  • Create content your audience actually wants: Understand what people are searching for and focus your content on topics that resonate with their current interests.
  • Optimize your existing content: Identify underperforming content and rework it based on current trends, boosting its relevance and attracting new audiences.
  • Make informed decisions: Use data-driven insights from Google Trends to guide your content strategy and prioritize topics with the highest potential.
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Analyze your competitors' use of trends and develop strategies to outrank them in search results.

Think of Google Trends as your free compass for navigating the ever-changing landscape of search trends.

AnswerThePublic: Unveiling Your Audience's Burning Questions



AnswerThePublic is a perfect tool for content creation, offering a search listening tool that unlocks the questions people are actively asking online about your chosen topic. Think of it as a mind-reading machine for your target audience, revealing their interests, concerns, and curiosities.

Pros for Content Creators:

  • Topic Treasure Trove: Discover undiscovered content ideas based on real search queries, ensuring your content resonates with what people actually want to know.
  • Content Planning: Generate blog post titles, article outlines, social media captions, and even video scripts with Answer the Public's diverse question formats.
  • Visual Inspiration: Explore AnswerThePublic's intuitive visual maps to grasp topic clusters and identify related themes for comprehensive content coverage.


  • Individual plan ($9 per month): for 1 user, 100 daily searches, 1 search listening alert per day.
  • Pro plan ($99/month): Unlimited daily searches, 3 users, 5 searches listening alerts.
  • Expert plan ($199/month): Agency-level features, team access, 5 searches listening alerts.
  • Lifetime plans if you are not into monthly subscriptions.

Why Content Creators Need It:

Creating content in a vacuum can lead to missed opportunities and wasted effort. AnswerThePublic empowers you to:

  • Craft content that solves problems: Address your audience's actual questions and concerns, increasing engagement and building trust.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Discover unique content angles and avoid topics already saturated with existing content.
  • Fuel your creativity: Use the diverse question formats to inspire new content ideas and break out of creative ruts.
  • Develop a data-driven content strategy: Make informed decisions based on real audience insights, ensuring your content hits the mark every time.

Think of AnswerThePublic as your secret weapon for uncovering hidden content opportunities and creating content that truly connects with your audience.

Semrush: Your All-in-One Arsenal for Content Creation 



Semrush is more than just a content creator tool. It's a comprehensive content marketing platform and SEO toolkit. Imagine having your keyword research, topic planning, competitor analysis, content optimization, and even social media management tools all under one roof—that's the power of Semrush.

Pros for Content Creators:

  • Keyword Ninja: Unearth high-potential keywords with laser-sharp accuracy, ensuring your content targets the right audience and ranks well in search engines.
  • Topic Mastermind: Brainstorm winning content ideas based on audience interests, trending topics, and competitor insights. Never run out of engaging concepts again.
  • Competitor Spy: Analyze your rivals' content strategies, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and learn from their successes to outrank them on search.
  • Content Optimization Guru: Refine your content for both readers and search engines with in-depth SEO analysis, readability checks, and on-page optimization suggestions.
  • Social Media Superhero: Schedule and publish captivating social media content across various platforms, track its performance, and engage with your audience seamlessly.


  • Pro plan ($129.95/month): Ideal for individuals and small businesses, offering basic keyword research, content marketing tools, and social media management.
  • Guru plan ($249.95/month): Designed for growing businesses and marketing agencies, with extended keyword research capabilities, competitor analysis, and content optimization features.
  • Business plan ($499.95/month): Perfect for large enterprises and agencies, providing everything above plus in-depth SEO reports, historical data, and API access.

Why Content Creators Need It:

Content creation isn't just about writing engaging pieces; it's about understanding your audience, optimizing for search, and promoting your work effectively. Semrush empowers you to:

  • Craft content that resonates: Create targeted content that attracts your ideal audience and ranks high in search results, maximizing your content's impact.
  • Outsmart your competition: Gain insights into your rivals' strategies, find their gaps, and develop content that positions you as the industry leader.
  • Boost your content's performance: Optimize your writing for both search engines and human readers, ensuring your content reaches the right people and gets noticed.
  • Simplify your workflow: Manage all your content creation and marketing tasks within one platform, saving time and effort.

Think of Semrush as your one-stop shop for conquering the content creation game.

Bard: Your AI Muse for Limitless Content Creation

Bard chat


Bard is a cutting-edge AI tool for content creation (a language model from Google AI), specializing in text generation, translation, and creative writing. Imagine a partner who brainstorms ideas, writes different kinds of content, and answers your questions in an informative way—that's Bard!

Pros for Content Creators:

  • Endless Inspiration: Overcome writer's block and spark new ideas with Bard's ability to generate different creative text formats like poems, code, scripts, musical pieces, etc.
  • Content Creation Powerhouse: Craft blog posts, articles, scripts, social media captions, and more with Bard's assistance. It adapts to your style and tone, helping you produce high-quality content efficiently.
  • Research & Fact-Checking Made Easy: Get instant access to factual information and diverse perspectives through Bard's vast knowledge base. Save time researching and ensure your content is accurate and well-informed.
  • Translation Expertise: Reach a wider audience by translating your content into multiple languages seamlessly with Bard's accurate and nuanced translations.


  • Bard is currently in an “open beta phase”, meaning you can access its features for free. This makes Bard a perfect free content creation tool. Use it as much as you want to explore its potential and unlock your creative flow.

Why Content Creators Need It:

In today's fast-paced content landscape, standing out requires constant innovation and efficiency. Bard empowers you to:

  • Break through creative blocks: Generate fresh ideas, explore different writing styles, and experiment with innovative content formats to captivate your audience.
  • Increase content output: Create high-quality content faster with Bard's assistance in writing, research, and translation. Save time and focus on your unique creative vision.
  • Reach a global audience: Expand your reach by translating your content into multiple languages, connecting with diverse audiences, and growing your community.

Think of Bard as your AI collaborator, pushing your creative boundaries and amplifying your content creation potential.

Grammarly: Your Guardian Angel of Grammar for Flawless Content



Grammarly is your comprehensive creator tool and a writing assistant, offering real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks across various platforms. It scans your text for errors, suggests improvements, and helps you achieve clear, confident communication.

Pros for Content Creators:

  • Grammar Perfection: Eliminate embarrassing typos, grammatical errors, and awkward phrasing with Grammarly's advanced detection and correction system.
  • Plagiarism Protection: Avoid accidental plagiarism with Grammarly's originality checks, giving you peace of mind and safeguarding your content.
  • Variety of Styles: Tailor your writing to specific audiences and platforms with Grammarly's support for different style guides and tone adjustments.
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Expand your word choice and discover more impactful alternatives with Grammarly's synonym suggestions and vocabulary builder.


  • Free plan: Offers basic grammar and punctuation checks.
  • Premium plan ($12/month): Advanced grammar checks, plagiarism detection, vocabulary suggestions, and tone adjustments.
  • Business plan ($25/month/user): Team features, style guides, custom dictionaries, and priority support.

Why Content Creators Need It:

Whether you're crafting blog posts, social media captions, or intricate scripts, polished writing is crucial for making a good impression. Grammarly helps you:

  • Build trust and credibility: Error-free writing shows professionalism and attention to detail, attracting and retaining your audience.
  • Boost engagement: Clear and concise writing is easier to read and understand, keeping your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  • Save time and effort: Catching errors early with Grammarly prevents costly revisions and ensures your content is ready to publish faster.

Think of Grammarly as your personal editor, always on hand to polish your work and enhance your content's impact.

Otter.ai: Your Audio Ally for Effortless Content Creation



Otter.ai is a real-time AI tool for content creation that offers you transcription and note-taking features. It transcribes audio and video recordings into text format instantly. Whether you're recording brainstorming sessions, interviews, lectures, or meetings, Otter.ai captures it all, saving you the hassle of manual transcription.

Pros for Content Creators:

  • Save Time & Effort: Ditch the notepad and recorder juggling act. Otter.ai frees you to focus on ideas while it seamlessly captures everything spoken.
  • Boost Productivity: Quickly review key points, search transcripts for specific information, and access recordings easily, saving valuable time on content creation.
  • Accurate & Reliable: Otter.ai boasts impressive accuracy, even picking up accents and multiple speakers. No more deciphering muffled recordings or struggling to understand unclear voices.
  • Collaborative Editing: Share transcripts with colleagues, add notes and edit collaboratively for seamless content development.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Use Otter.ai on your phone, computer or directly through Zoom integration. Fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.


  • Free plan: Offers 300 minutes of transcription per month, basic features, and limited exports.
  • Pro plan ($10/month): 1200 transcription minutes, speaker identification, advanced search, and offline access.
  • Business plan ($20/month/user): 6000 transcription minutes, custom vocabulary, team management, and integrations.

Why Content Creators Need This AI Content Creator Tool:

Content creation often involves interviews, research recordings, and brainstorming sessions. Otter.ai makes capturing and utilizing these valuable audio resources effortless and efficient. With accurate transcripts, quick summaries, and easy collaboration tools, it streamlines your workflow, saves time, and fuels your creativity.


  • Interviewing an expert and having a complete transcript within minutes, ready to turn into compelling content.
  • Brainstorming ideas with your team and easily identifying key points for development.
  • Converting research recordings into easily searchable notes for deeper analysis.

Otter.ai is your secret weapon for capturing the spoken word and transforming it into powerful content. You can go with a free plan if you just wanna take this content creation software for a test drive. 

Parting Thoughts on Content Creation Tools

As we delve into the world of content creation in 2024, it's evident that the right set of tools can be a game-changer for creators. This article has guided you through seven essential content-creator tools that are vital for anyone looking to make a mark in the digital space. From AI-driven analytics platforms that help you understand your audience to sophisticated video editing software that brings your visual stories to life, these tools are designed to enhance efficiency, creativity, and impact.

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