Introducing A New Way To Share Your Business Info With Your Customers

Feb 8, 2023 9:00:00 AM | Company News Introducing A New Way To Share Your Business Info With Your Customers

Introducing a new way to share your business address, ratings, and opening hours with your customers.

We constantly explore how you guys use Lift Bio. One thing we've noticed is that offline businesses struggle to find the proper option to present their address and opening hours. We saw tons of buttons and text blocks, which wasn't the right thing. 

Many businesses have their places presented on Google maps. The coolest thing about it is social proof. Hundreds of ratings and reviews say better than any ads. Putting these treasures in front of potential customers is the smartest thing business can do. 

Your Business Info At The Top Of Your Lift Bio Site

Lift Bio is here to help move your business info to the forefront. Just copy your place link on Google maps and get ready for magic. Share Your Business Info With Your Customers on social media

Address, ratings, and opening hours are presented at the top of the Lift Bio site. So that your customers will find it in seconds. The address line is a Google maps link which means your customers will not have issues routing to your place.   

Ratings follow right after the location to show your customers how good you are. In many cases, your ratings are the main reason to use your services. So, showcasing a rating is a good idea. 

More Details On Your Opening Hours

A few more words about opening hours. The simple time range serves best when you have the same schedule any weekday. In other cases, it's good to show more details on when your customers can visit your place. Lift Bio allows customizing opening hours the way you need. Easily.



That's it. Try out our new address, ratings, and opening hours option, and let us hear from you. 

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Ruslana Lishchuk

Written By: Ruslana Lishchuk

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