How to Add Multiple Links to Your Bio Using Lift.Bio

May 1, 2023 8:00:00 AM | Instagram How to Add Multiple Links to Your Bio Using Lift.Bio

Get the most out of your social media bios by adding multiple links with ease—learn how with this guide on using Lift.Bio's link in bio tool!

The 31 million people (brands, too!) that use link-in-bio tools would agree that there’s no better way to direct Instagram users to relevant content and products than using a link-in-bio tool. The sheer convenience of having all your links in one place makes link-in-bio tools a no-brainer for anyone wanting to grow their Instagram presence.

 Its 100% customizable interface requires no coding knowledge or special skills—all you need to do is add the links you want to promote and customize how you want them to appear.

Lift.Bio is one of the best link-in-bio tools available, and it's easy to see why.

 Its 100% customizable interface requires no coding knowledge or special skills—all you need to do is add the links you want to promote and customize how you want them to appear.

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Why Add a Lift.Bio Link to Your Instagram Profile?

Lift.Bio is a 100%-customizable link-in-bio tool that lets you create a landing page with all your favorite links, making it easy for your followers to find everything they need. Here are some of its benefits:

Monetization Opportunities

If you've ever considered monetizing your Instagram, Lift.Bio has a slew of features that you can use to do so. With e-commerce features such as product listing, shop my look widgets, donation buttons, promo codes, and more, Lift.Bio is what you need to turn your Instagram into a source of revenue.

 Lift.Bio Edit page

Increased Flexibility In Sharing Links

While Instagram now allows you to include more than one link in your bio, Lift.Bio takes the hassle out of having to constantly update your profile whenever you want to promote a different link.

With Lift.Bio, you can create a single link that leads to your custom landing page with multiple URLs. This way, you can easily share as many links as you want without modifying your Instagram bio link every time.

Contextualize Links

Even if Instagram allowed adding multiple links in your bio, the limited number of characters in your bio may not provide sufficient context for the links in your bio. With Lift.Bio, you can provide titles and descriptions for the links you share, giving your followers more context before they click.

Grow Your Following Across Other Platforms

Another nifty use of Lift.Bio is for including links to your other social profiles and channels. This way, you can drive traffic from your Instagram profile to your other social media networks. For example, you can include a link to your YouTube channel, Patreon page, or Twitter profile in your landing page and direct people there as well.

Aesthetic Design

It's okay to direct your Instagram followers to a landing page. What's not okay is pointing them to a landing page that looks outdated and unappealing. With Lift.Bio, you can choose from several attractive, modern-looking templates that will make your landing page look professional. Plus, Lift.Bio is 100% customizable, so you can design your landing page to reflect the overall aesthetic of your Instagram profile.

Analytics & Insights

Lift.Bio also offers helpful analytics and insights to better understand your followers' behaviors. You can see which buttons users click most often and how many times your followers click each. This data can be beneficial in helping you further optimize your marketing efforts and maximize the impact of your Instagram profile.

It's A Free Website

Premium benefits like access to comprehensive analytics and the ability to export your data whenever you want to are why brands and business owners subscribe to Lift.Bio’s Pro plan. However, its basic version is free and still comes with several features for getting the most out of your Instagram profile.

You can start with the free version and upgrade to Pro when ready. This way, you get a custom landing page without paying a single dime. The best part? You can share the link anywhere, not just on your Instagram profile. You can add it to your other social handles, email signature, or even in a tweet.

How To Put Multiple Links In Instagram Bio With The Help Of Lift.Bio

Lift.Bio features an intuitive interface that makes it easy to set up your landing page and start directing people to multiple destinations from your Instagram bio.

If you’ve ever asked “how to put multiple links in an Instagram bio?” The guide below will help you:

  1. Go to Lift.Bio and click on Create.
    image2Lift.Bio Homepage
  2. Fill in all the required fields to create your account.
  3. Once you've created your account, it's time to customize your landing page. You can select from several templates and customize them to match your Instagram profile's aesthetic.
    Lift.Bio Edit page
  4. Add buttons to your landing page and link them with the links you want to share from your Instagram bio. You can also add a newsletter signup form, collect donations, and list products for sale.
  5. Once satisfied with the look of your landing page, click the Copy button on the top right of your screen to copy your landing page's URL. Changes are auto-saved and applied to your landing page in real time, so you don't have to worry about manually saving your changes.
  6. Head to your Instagram profile and click on the Edit Profile button. Paste your landing page's URL in the Website box and hit Done.
    Instagram profile screenshot

And you're all set! Your followers can now click the link in your bio to visit your sleek, professional-looking landing page.

Wrap Up

Having multiple links to your Instagram bio is doubly beneficial: for you and the people who follow you. With Lift.Bio, making a professional-looking landing page from which you can send your followers to various destinations is easy. Not only is it easy to set up, but you can also choose from several modern-looking templates and customize them to fit your brand identity.

Plus, you can access powerful analytics and insights to optimize your landing page for further maximum exposure. Sign up for Lift.Bio today and give your Instagram profile the lift it needs.

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