Best Travel Hashtags for Your Instagram and Reels

Oct 12, 2022 3:43:07 PM | Instagram Best Travel Hashtags for Your Instagram and Reels

Have you ever wondered what the best Instagram hashtags for travel are for influencers and bloggers? We will give some examples below.

Instagram travel hashtags are an integral part of your social media strategy. Did you know that approximately 4.4 million blog posts are created every day by 500 million daily active users? That's a lot of competition, but how do you get your travel photos and beautiful travel reels to the attention of the right audience with the same interests?

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As travel influencers, we aim to engage with our followers and grow our audience. Never undervalue the power of a straightforward but successful Instagram hashtag approach. It helps you reach a wider audience and grows your Instagram following. It's great to understand and be familiar with Instagram's most popular hashtags, but they are also the most often used ones. 

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Why is Using Hashtags for Travel Bloggers so Important?

Hashtags for Instagram travel are your best friends for reaching more engagement and creating views on Instagram for your travel blog

Using the best travel markers greatly facilitates sharing your travel blog around the world. Create your own procedure and adjust it, if necessary, based on the results. The right travel reel hashtags to go viral can boost your views, increase comments on your work, and encourage others to follow you. Using them helps ensure that a broad audience sees your photos when you post about your travels.

Did you know that you can also include travel hashtags for Instagram in your bio? When users tap on the hashtag, they will be taken to the overview page for that hashtag. You want to include your own branded hashtag in your bio! For example, #travelblogger


Hashtags work not only with posts but also in your Instagram stories. You can add this using the hashtag sticker or by adding text. Your Instagram story will then appear on the overview page of that hashtag, which in turn can ensure more views, reach, and engagement.

#100 + Creative Hashtags for Instagram Travel Bloggers

A good start to finding the right travel hashtags is to divide Instagram travel hashtags per niche.

#20 Trending Travel Hashtags

Here’s a list of high-volume Instagram hashtags for travel to grow more followers worldwide:

  • #Travelholic 
  • #Travelgram 
  • #Travellingram 
  • #Traveller 
  • #Travelbook
  • #SeeTheWorld
  • #TravelTheWorld 
  • #Instatravel 
  • #TravelWithMe
  • #TravelAddict 
  • #MyTravelStory
  • #WorldTraveler
  • #TravelCouple
  • #NextDestination
  • #LetsTravel 
  • #Globetrotter
  • #TravelTips 
  • #TheBestDestinations
  • #TravelJunkie 
  • #WorldExplorer

#23 Instagram Hashtags For Your Beach Photos


More of a beach babe travel blogger? We can never get enough of our Instagram feeds full of white sand beaches and stunning oceans! 

  • #Beaching 
  • #BeachLife 
  • #SandAndSun 
  • #SaltyAir 
  • #PalmTrees 
  • #SeaWaves 
  • #LifesABeach 
  • #Beachscape 
  • #SunsetBeach 
  • #BeachBabe #Beachy 
  • #BeachVibes 
  • #OceanVibes 
  • #SaltEscape 
  • #BeachBum 
  • #BeachDay 
  • #SandInMyToes 
  • #SaltySoul 
  • #BeachTherapy 
  • #RestingBeachFace 
  • #BeachLiving 
  • #BeachLifestyle 
  • #LifeByTheBeach

#19 Luxury Hashtags for Travel 


If you are a high-end luxury traveler showing us the best hotels and sights, use these: 

  • #LuxuryTravel 
  • #LuxuryHotels 
  • #LuxuryTraveller 
  • #LuxuryVillas 
  • #LuxuryTrip 
  • #TravelLuxury 
  • #DreamHoliday 
  • #LuxuryEscapes 
  • #BestResorts 
  • #DreamDestination 
  • #LuxuryHoliday 
  • #LuxuryWorldTraveller 
  • #LuxuryLifestyle 
  • #LuxuryTravelDaily 
  • #LuxuryLocation 
  • #LuxuryVacation 
  • #LuxuryTravelGuide 
  • #LuxuryLife #LuxuryHotel
The #17 Best Hashtags For Solo Travel Bloggers


Are you a solo female traveler? Then it might be handy to use trending hashtags to connect with other females traveling and expand your reach:

  • #TravellingSolo 
  • #SoloTravel 
  • #Wanderer 
  • #SoloFemaleTraveller 
  • #SoloFemaleTravel 
  • #SheIsNotLost 
  • #SheWhoWanders 
  • #JourneyOfGirls 
  • #DameTravel 
  • #WeTravelGirls 
  • #TravelGirlsGo
  • #WomanTraveler 
  • #GirlsWhoTravelSolo 
  • #GirlsTravelDiary 
  • #FemaleTravelInspo 

#20 Best Adventure Travel Hashtags


These adventure travel hashtags are the best to use if you are into adventure traveling:

  • #AdventureAddict 
  • #AdventureEnthusiasts 
  • #AdventureGram 
  • #AdventureInspired 
  • #AdventureIsCalling 
  • #AdventureIsLife 
  • #AdventureMore 
  • #AdventureNow 
  • #Hiking 
  • #Adventures 
  • #NatureLovers 
  • #AdventureLife 
  • #WildLife 
  • #PhotoOfTheDay 
  • #TravelAddict
  • #Offroad 
  • #BeautifulDestinations 
  • #Campinglife 
  • #Roadtrip 
  • #Landscape

#19 Best Popular Family Travel Hashtags

The goal of a family travel blogger is to find the best family destinations, accommodations, and activities. These hashtags will help you to get more reach and connect with other family travel bloggers.


  • #FamilyTravel 
  • #TravelInspiration 
  • #TravelFam
  • #FamilyVacay 
  • #ParentsWhoWander 
  • #TravelWithFamily 
  • #FamilyTravelBlogger 
  • #FamilyTrip #TravellingFamily 
  • #TravellingWithKids 
  • #TravelFamily 
  • #FearlessFamtravel 
  • #FamilyTime 
  • #FamilyGoals 
  • #FamilyTrip 
  • #FamilyVacation 
  • #Holiday 
  • #WorldSchooling 
  • #Familytravelblogger

Trending Instagram Travel Hashtags for Reels

Here’s a list of trending Instagram travel hashtags for reels and Instagram photos:

  • #postcardsfromtheworld — 4,667,077 posts
  • #optoutside — 23,129,635 posts
  • #solotravel — 7,057,297 posts
  • #goexplore — 7,901,715 posts
  • #wanderlust — 140,109,925 posts
  • #travellife — 16,200,000 posts

How to Boost Your Travel Blog Photos and Reels with Lift: Story Maker

Lift: Story Maker is an app that can help you create unique content. It can be handy for growing your travel blog content. It can spice up your reels and make your Instagram content eye-catching! 

Lift: Story Maker for creating travel content

It is available on the Apple App Store and is linkable to all your social media accounts. Lift: Story Maker works seamlessly whether you’re editing a professional post on niches like travel or simply creating something beautiful for your social media account. You can animate custom fonts, overlay videos, and add AI-powered license-fee music. In addition, you can also use music from your files or iTunes and record voiceovers.

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How to Find the Right Travel Hashtags for Instagram

Now you have learned how to shoot quality content. You have edited your content with the Lift: Story Maker App and know where to place travel hashtags. It is now time to find the right travel hashtags for your Instagram! Let’s roll on!

  • Examine the posts of your favorite travel influencer to understand the market you are posting in and find some inspiration and ideas for hashtags for Instagram travel. From these, you can discover which hashtags are the most effective.
  • Recognize your hashtag. A hashtag's popularity does not guarantee that you will find it beneficial. Some of the popular hashtags might not fit your brand's image. For example, using the travel hashtag #beach while posing in front of the Colosseum in Rome does not make any sense! Researching the best travel hashtags, you will use before choosing it helps a lot. 
  • Make it brief. The easier it is to grasp your hashtag, the shorter it should be. You should avoid using long hashtags because they are hard to read. #Myvacationinibizaspain is not a good idea, but #ibizalovers and #ibizalife are much more structured and easier to read.

How Many Instagram Hashtags for Travel Should You Use?

Although it's customary to put hashtags in the post's captions, some people prefer to put them in the comments. It has been challenging to fully understand which hashtag strategy generates the higher engagement, new followers, and reach because the Instagram algorithm's workings are a secret. 

For each post, most brands employ ten to thirty hashtags. Use a range of the best hashtags for travel bloggers relating to your content and switch them up every day. Before using hashtags, check their volumes and utilize hashtags with different rankings.

How to Make your Instagram Photos and Reels Stand Out

Before using trending travel hashtags for your travel reels, here’s what you should know. Distinguish yourself from others. Take high-quality photos or reels during your travels, use a custom font and add background music if necessary. This way, you conquer the attention of the viewer on your profile. 

Daylight is essential for a beautiful photo. It makes your photo so much more beautiful! This gives you the most beautiful effect, and you won't be bothered by annoying shadows. It is nice if your Instagram has a particular style. 

Think about what you would like to post and how your photos will connect. That is where Instagram hashtags for travel step into your life. 

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