How To Make and Post Reels On Facebook [A Guide by Lift]

Feb 6, 2024 10:34:52 AM | Social How To Make and Post Reels On Facebook [A Guide by Lift]

Learn how to create and post Reels on Facebook with our comprehensive guide. We’ll also explore other ways to make Reels on Facebook and share best practices.

Whether you're a budding content creator, a small business owner looking to boost your brand, or simply someone wanting to share moments from your life, mastering Facebook Reels is essential. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of creating reels on Facebook, from crafting your first video to adding those all-important finishing touches like music, filters, and text. By the end of this article, you'll be equipped to create reels that not only capture your audience's attention but also resonate with them on a deeper level.

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How To Make Reels On Facebook in 8 Steps

Creating and posting Reels on Facebook is not a complicated process that allows you to share engaging short videos with your audience. 

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create reels on Facebook:

1. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.
2. Hit the + icon and navigate to the Reels section

how to make reels on facebook

3. Tap on the camera icon to start creating a new Reel. To record a new video, press and hold the record button. You can release the button to stop recording and then press it again to add more clips to your Reel. To upload a video from your gallery, select the gallery tab and go to your Camera roll.

4. After recording/uploading your video, you can use the editing tools provided by Facebook to enhance your Reel. These tools include adding music, text, filters, or effects. You can also trim your video clips to fit your desired length. You can also choose the Reel Templates offered by Facebook.

how to create reels on facebook

5. Once you're satisfied with your Reel, tap on the Next button to preview it.
6. You can then add a caption, tag people, or adjust the sharing settings according to your preference.
7. Tap on Share to Reels to post your Reel. You can also choose to share it on your Facebook story or with specific friends.

Note: The features and layout of the Facebook app can change with updates, so some steps may vary slightly depending on the version of the app you are using. Always make sure your app is up to date to access the latest features and improvements.

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How to Make Reels on Facebook Using Lift

Are you tired of the same old editing tools on Facebook Reels? Well, we've got some great news for you! Check out the Lift app—it's the perfect solution to take your editing game to the next level!

the Lift app

Wow! The Lift app is an absolute game-changer when it comes to upping your social media game. With its variety of editing tools, including customizable templates, a plethora of font styles, cool stickers, amazing effects, and access to royalty-free music, creating eye-catching and visually appealing content has never been more fun and effortless! And wait, there's more! With its AI SMM Assistant, you'll be able to level up your content creation game even further. Say goodbye to boring social media posts and hello to engaging content that'll make you stand out!

To create Facebook Reels using the Lift app, do this:

  1. Download and install Lift.
  2. Launch the app and tap the Create tab. From there, look for the Reels tab.
  3. Look through the Reel templates and choose the one that suits you best.

Lift Reel templates

4. Create a Reel from scratch and use Lift’s editing tools for customization, and after editing, preview your work.

5. Save your Reel with animation for posting as a clip, then publish it on Facebook.

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Facebook Reels: Best Practices

Here are 9 best practices for Facebook Reels in 2024:

  • Hook them in the first 3 seconds. Attention spans are shorter than ever, so grab viewers instantly with a compelling intro, surprising element, or clear value proposition. 
  • Embrace storytelling. People connect with stories, so use Reels to showcase your brand personality, share behind-the-scenes glimpses, or create educational content in a narrative format.
  • Optimize for sound. Include engaging music, voiceovers, or sound effects to enhance your Reel and cater to viewers who may be watching with the sound on or off.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Aim for Reels under 60 seconds, but experiment with lengths to see what resonates with your audience.
  • Post consistently. The Reels algorithm favors active creators, so aim for a steady posting schedule (even if it's just a few Reels per week) to stay visible.
  • Jump on trends. Utilize trending hashtags, challenges, and audio clips to gain wider reach and discoverability.
  • Engage with your audience. Respond to comments, answer questions, and encourage participation to build a community around your Reels.
  • Use clear CTAs. Tell viewers what you want them to do next, whether it's visiting your website, following your page, or trying a product.
  • Experiment and analyze. Try different formats, content types, and posting times to see what works best for your audience and adapt your strategy based on insights.

Remember, consistency, creativity, and audience engagement are key to success with Facebook Reels in 2024. Don't be afraid to experiment, have fun, and express your unique brand voice!


Facebook Reels Not Showing: What Is The Reason?

Facebook Reels not showing could be due to several reasons, such as app glitches, outdated app versions, account restrictions, or regional availability issues. Ensuring your Facebook app is updated, restarting the app, checking if your account complies with Facebook's guidelines, and verifying if Reels are available in your region can help resolve the issue.

How Long Can Facebook Reels Be?

Facebook Reels can be up to 90 seconds long. This is a recent update, as the previous limit was 60 seconds. However, while technically, you can post a 90-second Reel, it's important to consider what's best for engagement and reach.

Here's a breakdown:

  • Maximum length: 90 seconds
  • Recommended length: 15-30 seconds (shorter is often better for capturing attention)

While longer Reels offer more flexibility, shorter ones generally perform better. People have shorter attention spans on social media, so keeping your Reels concise and engaging is key.

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