How To Recover Deleted Messages On Instagram

Oct 31, 2023 8:55:00 AM | Instagram How To Recover Deleted Messages On Instagram

Need to recover a deleted message on Instagram? Click here to read everything you need to know about seeing and restoring deleted messages on Instagram.


A lot goes on in the DMs on Instagram. From friendly chit-chat and banter to business messages, there can be a lot of vital conversations. Unfortunately, sometimes messages can be accidentally deleted without meaning to.

So, what do you do if you need to recover a deleted message on Instagram? Can you recover deleted Instagram messages? The answer is yes. Read on to find out how to recover deleted messages from Instagram.

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Instagram Doesn't Have an Official Message Recovery Feature

Before we begin, it's important to note that Instagram does no have an official feature to recover deleted messages. If you have deleted a message, there is no native way to retrieve it on the Instagram app. However, you can use workarounds to try and recover a deleted message.

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages

If you deleted a message from your chat, it means you only removed it from your device. The message will still be visible to the other person in the chat unless they also delete it. You can ask the other person to forward the message content to you. They can easily forward it to you if they still have it in their chat. The conversation flow may not look the same depending on who sent it originally, but you will still get the same message.

You can also ask your conversation partner to take a screenshot of the message and send it to you. A screenshot shows the conversation flow and provides context for the messages.

If none of these methods work, you may still be able to recover deleted Instagram messages by requesting a copy of your data from Instagram. Instagram allows users to download their data, which includes messages and conversations. This method is more complex and takes longer than the other two methods.

Here's how to request a copy of your data from Instagram:

how to request data on Instagram

  1. Tap the hamburger icon (three lines) in the top right corner of your Instagram homepage.
  2. Select Your activity.
  3. Scroll down and tap Download your information.
  4. Tap the Request Download button.
  5. Select the account you want to download data from, if you have multiple accounts logged in.
  6. Select the information you want to include in the download. You can request a complete copy of all your information or select specific items such as messages, comments, personal information, etc.
  7. Choose the email address you want the data sent to, the download format (JSON or HTML), media quality, and date range.
  8. Tap Submit Request.

After you have made the request, Instagram will send you an email with a download link when your data is ready. You can then download the archive and look for your deleted messages. It takes anywhere between a few hours (from experience) to 30 days (according to Instagram) to get your data ready for download.

How to Recover a Message You or the Other Person Unsends on Instagram

Instagram Notification History page

Unsent messages are deleted from both devices. If you or the other person unsend a message, it means neither of you can access it. In this case, you can try viewing the message from your notifications or notification history, if you cleared them. Here's how:

  1. Go to your device's notification history in the Settings app.
  2. Look for Instagram and tap on the downward-pointing arrow.
  3. Scroll through the notifications until you find the one with the unsent message.

Here, you can see a preview of the message before it was unsent. The catch here is you have to be using an Android 11 or above device.

Recovering deleted messages on Instagram can be tricky, as different scenarios affect how and whether you can see and recover them. However, with some effort, you can recover deleted messages on Instagram. Whether it’s an accidental delete or an unsent message, you can try the methods mentioned in this article to get back your messages. If none of these methods work, you can also request a copy of your data from Instagram.


How To See Old Direct Messages On Instagram?

You can see old direct messages on Instagram by scrolling up in the conversation. If you want to view a conversation from farther back, you can also try searching for the person's username in the search bar.

Can You Recover Messages Sent in Vanish Mode?

Vanish Mode on Instagram allows you to send disappearing messages and they are deleted automatically after the recipient has seen them. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover deleted messages sent in Vanish Mode.

Are There Third-Party Tools That Can Help Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

Third-party apps like AirDroid Parental Control app have a feature that allows Android users to see deleted messages on Instagram. However, these apps may not be reliable and could compromise your security. We recommend you try the above methods first before resorting to third-party tools. 

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Delete a Message on Instagram and Need It Urgently?

If you urgently need to retrieve a deleted message on Instagram, the best action is to reach out to the other person involved in the conversation. Request them to forward the message or provide a screenshot of the content to ensure you have the necessary information.

Will Instagram Ever Introduce a Feature to Recover Deleted Messages?

Instagram currently does not offer an official feature to recover deleted messages. However, it is always possible that Instagram may introduce new features or options related to message recovery in future updates. Instagram already has a Recently deleted feature for photos and videos, so it’s possible that a delete messages feature could be introduced in the future.

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