18 Ways to Make Money on Facebook [Your Ultimate Guide]

Feb 7, 2024 8:21:41 AM | Social 18 Ways to Make Money on Facebook [Your Ultimate Guide]

Discover 18 ways to get monetized on Facebook. Start getting paid on Facenook with tips in this guide now!

If you're looking to turn your social media presence into a profitable venture, understanding how to get monetized on Facebook is crucial. With the platform constantly updating its monetization policies, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. That's why this article provides a comprehensive guide on how to get paid for Facebook Reels. 

We'll cover everything from the basics of setting up for monetization to optimizing your content for maximum earnings. You'll learn about the strategies successful creators use to make money on Facebook Reels, and we'll offer insights and tips that you can apply to your own content to start earning. Whether you're a seasoned creator looking to expand your revenue streams or a UGC creator eager to make your mark, this guide is here to help you succeed on Facebook.

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How To Get Paid From Facebook: 10 Most Common Ways

To get paid on Facebook in 2024, you have several options to explore, each suited to different types of content and engagement strategies:

  1. Create Videos with In-Stream Ads: If you create video content, in-stream ads can earn you money. These ads are displayed to viewers who are already engaged with video content on Facebook, making it more likely that they will watch the entire ad.
  2. Paid Subscriptions and Fan Support: By offering paid subscriptions to your page, you can generate consistent revenue and allow your most dedicated fans to support you directly. Additionally, Facebook users can send stars to content creators as tips, providing another avenue for income.
  3. Collaborate with Brands: By teaming up with brands for sponsored content, you can greatly increase your earnings, particularly if your audience shares the same interests as the brand's target market. This is an exciting opportunity to build valuable partnerships.
  4. Sell Products or Services: Facebook offers tools for creating a shop on your page, making it easy to sell physical products to your audience. For services, you can use your page and posts to guide users to your booking or services website.
  5. Shop integration: If you have an online store, you can connect it to your Facebook page to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. They can browse your products on Facebook and then be directed to your website to complete their purchase.
  6. Facebook Marketplace: You can use Facebook Marketplace to sell products directly to other users. This is a great way to get rid of unwanted items or reach a wider audience for your handmade crafts or small business products.
  7. Retargeting Ads: If you have a website or an email list, utilize Facebook's powerful advertising platform to run retargeting ads. These ads aim to target users who have previously engaged with your content, ultimately increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.
  8. Social Media Management: Utilize your expertise in Facebook marketing by offering your services as a social media manager to other businesses. This can include managing their Facebook page, creating content, and running ads.
  9. Stars: Facebook Stars allow viewers to send you virtual gifts directly in exchange for money. You can earn $0.01 for every Star you receive.
  10. Facebook's bug bounty program: If you're good at finding security vulnerabilities, you can earn money by reporting them to Facebook through their bug bounty program.

Each of these methods requires understanding Facebook's monetization policies and ensuring your content and activities are in compliance. Checking your monetization eligibility through Facebook's Creator Studio is a crucial first step to take before pursuing these monetization strategies.

8 Unusual Ways To Make Money On Facebook

While some classic methods like selling on Marketplace or running ads dominate, here are some unusual ways to get paid on Facebook:

  1. Host Interactive Content: Organize "watch parties" with sponsored products, partner with other creators for live Q&A sessions with paid access, or run gamified contests with brand sponsorships.
  2. Offer Personalized Content: Sell personalized messages, poems, or artwork based on user input through Facebook Live or chatbots.
  3. Organize Virtual Tours Or Experiences:  Charge for access to live-streamed tours of unique locations, workshops showcasing hidden talents, or even virtual escape rooms with your own narrative.
  4. Create And Sell AR Filters Or Lenses: Design and sell personalized augmented reality filters for profiles or stories, potentially partnering with brands for sponsored filters.
  5. Run Paid Online Communities: Establish exclusive Facebook groups with valuable content or discussions, charging a monthly subscription fee for access.
  6. Offer Virtual Consultations Or Coaching: Leverage your expertise by providing remote consultations or coaching sessions on specific topics through Facebook video calls.
  7. Organize hyper-local services: If you have unique skills such as pet-sitting, gardening, or handyman work, consider targeting your local community on Facebook and offering paid services directly.
  8. Become A Virtual Assistant For Creators/Businesses: Provide customized Facebook page management services, including social media management, content creation, and community engagement, for creators and businesses.

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How To Get Paid For Facebook Reels 

There are currently limited ways to get paid directly for Facebook Reels, but things are evolving. Here's what's available now and what's on the horizon:

Current methods:

  1. Facebook Reels Play Bonus Program (currently invite-only): This program invites eligible creators to earn bonuses based on video views. To be eligible, you need at least 1,000 views over 30 days on qualifying Reels. Earnings depend on various factors and change over time.
  2. Brand Collaborations: If you have a large and engaged audience, you can partner with brands to promote their products within your Reels. This could involve sponsored content, product placement, or even challenges featuring the brand.
  3. Sponsorships: Secure sponsorships with brands that fit your content and audience. Promote their products or services in your Reels for payment.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Incorporate affiliate marketing into your Facebook Reels by promoting products within your content and earning a commission on sales made through your affiliate links.

Upcoming methods (not yet widely available):

  1. In-Stream Ads: Facebook is currently testing ways to allow creators to add short ads within their Reels, similar to what's possible with regular Facebook videos. This could be a significant monetization opportunity in the future.
  2. Stars: Viewers might soon be able to send Stars directly to creators while watching their Reels. This could offer another way to receive micro-payments for your content.

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Facebook Monetization Requirements in 2024 [Updated]

In 2024, Facebook introduced several updates and changes to its monetization requirements and offerings for creators. Here are some key highlights:

  1. Facebook has announced new earning opportunities for content creators. The Reels Bonus Program will be expanded, providing more creators with the ability to earn based on video views and engagement. Creators can now earn Stars directly on their profiles, which allows fans to support them financially. Additionally, In-Stream Ads will be made available in more countries and languages.
  2. Changes are expected to the eligibility requirements for monetization of on-demand videos and live streams, which may reduce the minimum follower count needed to start earning revenue and could affect live viewing minutes.
  3. To monetize your Facebook page in 2024, you need to have at least 5,000 Facebook page followers and 60,000 hours of watch time
  4. Creators will now have access to advanced analytics along with new tools that are specifically designed to streamline the monetization process. These updates are aimed at enhancing the overall creator experience on Facebook, making it more convenient to build a successful presence on the platform.
  5. Facebook has lowered the threshold for monetization eligibility for its Stars feature. Creators now only need to have 500 followers over the past 30 days, instead of the previous requirement of 1,000 followers, to be able to earn money through fan support.

These updates to Facebook monetization requirements represent Facebook's effort to make its platform more accessible and lucrative for creators of all sizes. By offering new earning opportunities, refining eligibility requirements, and enhancing the creator experience, Facebook aims to empower creators and make it easier for them to build sustainable businesses on the platform.

How Much Does Facebook Reels Pay Per 1,000 Views 

Creators on Facebook Reels have the opportunity to earn money from their content. However, the amount paid per 1,000 views can vary depending on several factors, including the engagement rate, the location of the audience, and the performance of the ads displayed. 

Although Facebook has not revealed a fixed rate, creators can potentially earn between $1 and $10 per 1,000 views on their Reels, according to one source. Another source suggests that the pay rate for 1,000 views on Facebook Reels ranges from $0.01 to $0.02, which can translate to a maximum of $20 for every 1,000 views. On average, creators may expect to earn around $4.40 per 1,000 views, with variations influenced by factors such as ad performance and viewer engagement.

It is important to note that Facebook does not directly pay creators per 1,000 views like some other platforms. Instead, revenue is generated through mechanisms such as brand collaborations, advertising revenue sharing, and potentially through a Creator Fund. The amount earned through these channels is influenced by factors such as the creator's follower count, engagement rate, and the quality of their content.

To earn more revenue from Facebook Reels, creators should prioritize creating compelling and high-quality content that connects with their audience. Utilizing popular topics, optimizing for search engine optimization (SEO), leveraging ads, and participating in Facebook's creator funds are some of the effective strategies that can help increase viewership and revenue. The creator's ability to attract a dedicated audience and generate high engagement rates across their videos significantly influences the platform's monetization potential.

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It’s a Wrap

Facebook offers multiple opportunities for those who engage their audience creatively. To succeed, leverage Facebook Reels, understand monetization policies, and collaborate with brands. Consistency, creativity, and knowing your audience's preferences are key. Stay updated, experiment, and follow your passion. Turn your Facebook page into a thriving, monetized channel that reflects your unique voice and vision!

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