How To Post A Long Video On Instagram: 2024 Guide

Jan 5, 2024 7:26:24 AM | Instagram How To Post A Long Video On Instagram: 2024 Guide

Learn how to post long videos on Instagram in 2024 with this step-by-step guide. Find out how to maximize the length of your videos and get the most out of Instagram.

In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram continues to reign as a powerhouse platform, boasting over 2 billion monthly active users as of 2024. This visual-centric app has transformed from a photo-sharing space to a dynamic hub for video content, making it imperative for content creators and businesses to master the art of video sharing. In this guide, we delve into the nuances of how to post long videos on Instagram, a skill that can significantly enhance your digital presence and audience engagement.

Why Should You Post Long Videos on Instagram?

Long videos allow for more comprehensive storytelling, giving creators the opportunity to dive deeper into topics, showcase more detailed tutorials, or share lengthier behind-the-scenes content. This not only boosts viewer engagement but also enhances the quality of content shared, making your Instagram profile a go-to source for more substantial and informative content.

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What are Standard Instagram Video Length Restrictions?

Instagram initially offered only brief glimpses into people's lives with a 15-second video limit in Stories and a 60-second cap in the feed. However, the introduction of IGTV in 2018 marked a shift, allowing videos up to 60 minutes when uploaded from a web browser and 15 minutes from a mobile device. As of 2024, these limits have further evolved, making Instagram a more versatile platform for video content.

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram via Stories

Instagram Stories, a feature beloved for its brevity and immediacy, typically limits its content to 15-second clips. However, there are times when a story needs more than 15 seconds to unfold. Fortunately, there are ways to bypass this limitation, allowing users to post longer stories. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to post long videos on Instagram Stories:

Step 1: Record or Select Your Video

First, you need a video longer than 15 seconds. You can either record this directly within the Instagram app or select a pre-recorded video from your phone's gallery. If you’re choosing from your gallery, ensure the video is already edited to your liking, as it’s easier to edit the video before uploading it to Instagram.

how to post long videos on Instagram

Step 2: Use a Video Splitter App

Instagram Stories automatically splits videos longer than 15 seconds into multiple segments. However, this automatic split can sometimes disrupt the flow of your video, cutting it off at awkward moments. To have more control over how your video is divided, use a third-party video splitter app. Apps like Lift let you divide your video into 15-second segments manually, ensuring a smoother transition between each part of your story.

Step 3: Upload to Instagram

Once your video is split into 15-second chunks, open Instagram and swipe right or tap on your profile picture to start a new story. Then, tap the gallery icon in the lower-left corner to select your video segments. Most phones and apps will save the split videos in order, which makes it easier to select and upload them sequentially to Instagram.

Step 4: Edit and Add to Your Story

After selecting the first segment, you can use Instagram's array of editing tools to add text, stickers, or other effects. Once you're satisfied, tap "Your Story" to add the first segment. Repeat this process for each subsequent part of your video, ensuring you upload the segments in the correct order.

Step 5: Check Your Story

After uploading all segments, it’s a good practice to view your story to ensure that all parts are uploaded correctly and in the right order. This step is crucial to ensure that your story flows as intended.

How to Post Longer Videos on Instagram via IG Live

Instagram Live, a feature of Instagram Stories, is an incredible tool for real-time audience engagement. Unlike the 15-second limit of regular Stories, Instagram Live allows you to broadcast longer videos, making it perfect for in-depth conversations, tutorials, or showcasing events. 

Here's how to upload a long video to Instagram using Instagram Live:

  1. Access Instagram Stories: Open your Instagram app, and swipe right or tap your profile picture in the top left to access the Stories camera.
  2. Select Live Mode: Swipe through the options at the bottom of the screen and choose the ‘Live’ mode.

PRO TIP: Announce Your Live Session. Consider posting a story or a feed post to inform your followers about your live session beforehand.

  1. Go Live: Tap the Live button to start broadcasting. Instagram will check your connection before starting the live stream.

how to post long videos on Instagram

  1. Share Your Live Video on IGTV: Once you’ve ended the live video, you’ll have the option to share it with IGTV, making it available for viewers who missed the live broadcast.

How To Upload Longer Videos On Instagram Using Reels

Posting longer videos with Instagram Reels is also a bit tricky since Reels typically have a maximum length of 90 seconds. Still, it has more offers than 15-second Stories. However, Instagram frequently updates its features, so it's always a good idea to check for the latest updates. 

 how to post longer videos on Instagram

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to post longer videos on Instagram using Reels:

  1. Record Within Instagram: Open the Instagram app, swipe right or tap the '+' icon, and select Reel. Press and hold the record button to capture your video. You can record multiple clips up to the maximum allowed duration.

  2. Use a Pre-Recorded Video: If you have a video that you've already recorded, you can upload it directly to Reels. Just make sure it fits within the maximum duration limit or edit it accordingly.

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Create and Post Longer Videos on Instagram Using Lift

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Lift’s is an all-in-one tool to revolutionize your approach to content making. The app not only helps in segmenting videos for Stories and Reels, but also assists in creating engaging videos that comply with Instagram’s format and length requirements. By using such tools, you, as a  creator, can focus more on content quality rather than technical constraints.

Wrap Up

Embracing the trend of longer videos on Instagram can significantly elevate your social media strategy. With the right tools and a clear understanding of the platform's capabilities, you can harness the power of extended video content to engage and grow your audience. Whether it's through IGTV, extended feed videos, or clever uses of Stories and Live sessions, the potential to make an impact through longer videos on Instagram is immense.

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