Instagram Reels Templates: How To Find and Use Them

Feb 20, 2024 12:30:22 PM | Social Instagram Reels Templates: How To Find and Use Them

Read Lift’s in-depth guide on Instagram Reel templates, how to find and use trending Instagram Reel templates in 2024.

As of the date of writing, the estimated number of people watching Reels every day across Instagram and Facebook combined is a staggering 200 billion. This number has doubled from the previous year, highlighting the massive growth and popularity of this format.

Want to make showstopping Reels but short on time or editing skills? Instagram's got your back with built-in templates! These pre-designed layouts offer a shortcut to creating professionally polished Reels packed with trending formats, smooth transitions, and synced music. But are they the magic bullet for every creator? Let’s explore how to find and use Instagram Reel Templates that fit your style! 

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Instagram Reels Templates Explained: ✂️ 

Instagram Reel templates are essentially pre-made video layouts that you can easily edit and customize with your own photos and videos. They offer several benefits and can be a valuable tool for creators of all levels.

Here's how they work:

  • Pre-set clip durations and music: Many templates come with specific clip lengths and music already synced, saving you time on editing and ensuring your content flows smoothly.
  • Trending formats: You can find templates based on popular trends and challenges, making it easier to jump on hot topics and potentially reach a wider audience.
  • Professional look: Even if you're not a video editing expert, using a template can give your Reels a polished and professional appearance.
  • Increased creation speed: Templates eliminate the need to manually adjust clip lengths and transitions, freeing up your time to focus on the content itself.
  • Visibility potential: When you create a Reel using a template, your username appears on every video made with it, potentially leading to new followers and viewers.

Why Use Instagram Reel Templates 

  • Time-saving: Perfect for busy creators who want to produce high-quality Reels quickly and efficiently.
  • Trend hopping: This is an easy way to tap into trending formats and challenges without extensive editing.
  • Enhanced visual appeal: You can elevate your Reels with professional-looking transitions and editing styles.
  • Accessibility: Great for beginners or those unfamiliar with video editing.
  • Exposure boost: Increased visibility through your username appearing on derivative Reels.

While Instagram default Reel templates offer convenience and a quick way to create polished-looking content, there are some downsides to consider before choosing them for your Reels:

  • Limited options: The selection of default templates within Instagram itself might not be very broad, restricting your creative freedom and leading to potential repetition if you use them frequently.
  • Homogeneity: Using the same templates as everyone else can make your Reels look similar and blend in with the crowd, reducing their uniqueness and potential to stand out.
  • Potential lack of brand identity: Default templates might not align perfectly with your specific brand visual style, making your Reels less cohesive and recognizable.
  • Over-reliance on trends: Following trends can be beneficial, but relying solely on default templates for trending formats can make your content appear insincere or lacking in originality.
  • Loss of personalization: The beauty of Reels lies in its potential for personalized storytelling. Default templates might limit your ability to inject your unique voice and perspective into your content.

Here are some alternative solutions to consider:

  • Explore third-party template resources: Look for platforms with wider and more diverse template collections, like the Lift: Reels & Stories Maker app, that cater to specific niches or styles.
  • Learn basic video editing: Investing some time in learning basic editing techniques can give you more control over your Reels and enable greater personalization.
  • Focus on original ideas: Put your unique spin on trending formats or create Reels based on your own stories and experiences to truly stand out.
  • Collaborate with creators: Partner with other creators for ideas, inspiration, and even co-creation of unique Reels that showcase your combined styles.


Are your REELS plateauing at 200 views? 📉
Elevate your content with Lift's premium pre-made templates for Reels. Download now and watch your view count soar today.


Use Lift’s Premium Instagram Reel Templates And Improve Your Content Quality

To elevate your Instagram Reels and enhance the quality of your content, using Lift’s premium templates is a game-changer. These templates are designed to offer a professional look and feel to your videos, making them more engaging and appealing to your audience. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Lift’s Instagram Reel templates effectively:

1. Download the Lift App here.
2. Go to the Create tab and explore Lift’s Reel Templates.

Lift’s Reel Templates

3. Choose the one that suits your brand and hit Use Template.

4. Add your media and start editing by tapping the Advanced Editor button.
5. Add effects, choose a font, and add music.

6. Preview your masterpiece and export it to your gallery.
7. Upload your Reel on Instagram.

How to Use Instagram Default Reels Templates

There are two main ways to use Instagram default Reels templates:

1. Using the Reels Editor Template Library:

  1. Tap the Reels icon at the bottom center of your Instagram app.
  2. Slide to the "Templates" tab next to the camera icon in the Reels editor.

Instagram Reel templates

  1. You'll see various trending and recommended templates. Some may be saved from Reels you've seen. Explore and find one that fits your content.
  2. Tap Use Template. This will open the template with its pre-set clips and transitions.
  3. Tap Add media or individual clip slots to replace them with your own photos or videos from your camera roll. Adjust the sequence if needed.
  4. You can trim and rearrange clips and add text, music, effects, etc., like usual Reels editing. Once satisfied, publish your Reel.

popular Instagram Reel templates

2. Repurposing Reels with Use as Template

  1. Scroll through your Reels feed or Explore tab. Look for a Reel with a "Use Template" sticker icon above the creator's username.
  2. This will automatically open the template with its clips and transitions in the Reels editor.
  3. Similar to the previous method, you can customize the template by replacing clips with your own and adding your personal touch.
  4. Share your Reel.

How To Find Reel Templates Based On The Current Trends

Finding trending Reel templates involves actively seeking them out through various avenues:

Instagram Resources

  • Reels Editor Template Library: Explore the pre-loaded templates within Instagram's Reels editor. These are curated based on current trends and offer a quick way to jump into popular styles.
  • Use Template" Reels: Scroll through your Reels feed and Explore tab, looking for Reels with the "Use Template" sticker above the creator's username. These offer inspiration and a starting point for creating your own take on trending formats.
  • Reels Trends in Professional Dashboard (if available): Business accounts have access to Reel trends data, showing trending audio and hashtags you can integrate into your templates.

Go Beyond Instagram

  • Trending Hashtags: Search for trending Reel hashtags on Instagram and explore the Reels associated with them. These often showcase popular formats and content styles.
  • Influencers: Follow influencers in your niche and analyze their Reels for the format, editing styles, and audio choices that resonate with their audience.
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools: Consider using tools like Brand24 or Sprout Social to track trending dog training topics and their associated visual formats across different platforms.
  • Creative Design Apps: Apps like Lift, Canva or Over often offer pre-made Reel templates or design elements you can adapt to fit your content and current trends.

Parting Thoughts

Here are some key points to keep in mind when using Instagram Reel templates: 

  • While templates offer convenience, don't be afraid to personalize them with your own creativity and style. 
  • Not all templates are created equal. Choose ones that align with your content and brand identity.
  • Overusing templates can make your Reels appear repetitive. Maintain a good balance between templates and original creations.

By understanding the benefits and limitations of Instagram Reel templates, you can leverage them to create engaging and visually appealing content** while saving time and effort.

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