How To Add VSCO Link To Instagram Bio

Mar 20, 2023 9:49:53 AM | Instagram How To Add VSCO Link To Instagram Bio

Adding your VSCO link can open new opportunities for your brand. Read our guide and learn how to add VSCO link to Instagram bio.

Combining the wide reach of Instagram and the aesthetic layouts of VSCO allows you to unleash your brand's full potential. Not only can you connect with billions of active users, but you can also show them your services creatively.

However, this becomes a challenge if you have too many links you can add to your Instagram bio. You wouldn't know whether to put your personal social media links or your VSCO link.

Yet with a tool like Lift.Bio, you wouldn't need to sacrifice your brand's marketing channels.

Instead, you can place all your links on a centralized page and have your Instagram viewers check your portfolio.

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In this guide, we'll show you how to add a VSCO link to your Instagram bio in a few simple steps. We'll also answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

Here's what else we'll cover below:

  1. How to Add a VSCO Link to Your Instagram Bio?
  2. How to Make Instagram Users Follow the Link in Your Bio?
  3. FAQs

How to Add a VSCO Link to Your Instagram Bio?

Adding your VSCO link to your Instagram bio is simple. You can accomplish it with just a few taps on your profile.

But of course, the first step is knowing where to get your VSCO link.

You can see the link to your VSCO profile through the VSCO app itself. Here’s how to copy your VSCO link:

  1. Go to your Profile by tapping your profile photo.
    how to add vsco link to instagram bio
  2. Click Share or Edit.
    how to put your vsco in your instagram bio

After that, you'll have two options to get your Profile URL or website. The first method is the easiest and involves copying your link from your profile.

But if you want to remember your VSCO link later on, you can also memorize it and manually type it into your Instagram bio.

Once you have the link to your VSCO profile, the next step is to open your Instagram app. You can then edit your bio. 

Here’s how to put your VSCO link in your Instagram bio:

  1. Go to your Profile by tapping your profile photo.

how to share vsco link to instagram bio

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Add your VSCO link on the website field.
  3. Save all your changes.

how to put vsco link on instagram

However, the link on your Instagram bio may not always be clickable. So you must add "" or "" before your VSCO username.

How To Make Instagram Users Follow the Link In Your Bio?

Adding your VSCO link to your Instagram bio is simple. But there's no guarantee you'll generate new followers once you’ve mastered putting your VSCO in your Instagram bio.

Because of this, modifying your marketing efforts can help you gain more clicks on your website.

And one of the best Instagram growth hacks is to optimize your Instagram bio.

Remember that Instagram bios are just 150 characters long. So mastering how to make them engaging and fun can be challenging, especially for newbies.

As a rule of thumb, keep your Instagram bio short and sweet. But on the other hand, don't overdo it too much since your intended message can get lost along the way.

On top of this, we also suggest applying these simple tips to grab the attention of your profile viewers:

  • Mention the services you offer. An effective way to get new followers and website clicks is to tell your viewers what you do. Then, they'll know how your services will work for them.
  • Write in a friendly tone. Instagram bios are more engaging if they're relatable to your viewers. So make sure to keep them fun and creative.
  • Use line breaks. Besides writing in a friendly tone, using line breaks can make your bio easier on the eyes. This way, you can encourage your profile viewers to read your entire opening.
  • Add some emojis. Emojis can help you emphasize important points you want to resonate with your audience.
  • Add hashtags. Adding hashtags makes you relevant. On top of that, it also allows your viewers to remember what you do.
  • Keep your bio aligned with your content. Your Instagram bio acts as your introduction to your profile viewers. So ensuring it's aligned with your content helps them know whether you're the right fit for them.
Want to learn more about writing an effective and successful Instagram bio? Check out our What is Link in bio and How to Use it guide.

However, one of the most vital elements in an effective and successful Instagram bio is the link to your website.

This unique link prompts your viewers to reach out and avail of your services.

Unfortunately, Instagram only lets you add one link to your bio. This restriction is in place to prevent users from encountering spam and scams.

That's why using the best link in bio tools like Lift.Bio can help you promote multiple channels of your brand.

This tool lets you design an engaging landing page where you can place all the links to your social media accounts. You can also add your VSCO link.

All you need is to place your Lift.Bio link to your Instagram bio. After that, your profile viewers will see your links on a centralized page upon clicking them.


It's normal to ask questions regarding your Instagram bio. So we gathered the most commonly asked inquiries and answered them below:

1. Why Doesn't Instagram Allow Links?

Several Instagram users think they can add multiple links to their bio. Unfortunately, you can't. This is Instagram's way of protecting its users from spam and scams. But using a tool like Lift.Bio can help you centralize all your marketing links on a single page.

2. Can Everyone Use Links On Instagram?

Yes, of course! Everyone can use links on their Instagram bio, regardless if they're an established influencer or a newbie creator. However, each user can only place one link to their profile.

Wrap Up

Instagram and VSCO make a good tandem, especially if you aim to promote your creative services. They allow you to reach billions of users worldwide while still being able to show off your talent.

But Instagram's restrictions on links shouldn't stop you from promoting your brand in the best way you can. And learning how to put a VSCO link on Instagram encourages more clicks to your website.

Check out Lift.Bio and how it can help you centralize all your links in one single place. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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