Crafting a Killer Business Bio for Instagram: Tips and Examples

Mar 13, 2023 7:00:00 PM | Instagram Crafting a Killer Business Bio for Instagram: Tips and Examples

Curious to know how you can stand out from competitor brands? Master the art of business bio for Instagram to learn more.

Entrepreneurs can reach their goals more easily with the help of the most downloaded app in the world — Instagram for businesses. Individuals spend an average of 30.1 minutes per day here, so taking advantage of it can help you connect with billions of potential customers.

But most brands are often unaware of the app’s potential.

Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to optimize their profiles. They overlook important parts and fail to get more leads.

Unfortunately, a bulk of them misses out on the significance of a great business bio for Instagram.

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In this guide, we’ll teach you to connect with your target audience using the best bio for Instagram for an entrepreneur. We’ll walk you through the secret behind every successful entrepreneur’s profile.

Heres what well cover:

Why Optimize Your Entrepreneur Bio For Instagram

Instagram has over 100 million active users on a daily basis. That corresponds to millions of possible opportunities to generate leads and sales for your brand.

But what happens if you mess up your Instagram profile? Would you still get the same number of opportunities to build your brand?

Of course not! That’s why entrepreneurs optimize their Instagram bio for business.

Your Instagram bio is responsible for creating a lasting impression on your profile visitors. It’s one of the first things they’ll see when they go to your profile.

In essence, an Instagram bio for business owners is a short description of your brand located under your username and display photo. It consists of up to 150 characters and covers:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do as an entrepreneur.
  • What do you love doing as an entrepreneur?
  • Why should they follow you?

By covering these questions, your profile visitors will know what to expect from you and your brand.

You can clarify what products and services you offer. You can also encourage your audience to do specific actions like reaching out to you, availing of your services, and more.

Want to learn more about business bio for Instagram?

Read our guide on What is Link in Bio and How to Use it for a more in-depth look.

What To Put In An Instagram Bio For Business?

The best bio for a business account on Instagram should welcome profile visitors to your account. It must be able to convince them to engage with your offers.

But what should I put for my business Instagram bio?

Here are the crucial elements needed in an ideal Instagram bio for a business account:

1. Your Business Bio For Instagram Should Answer The Basic Questions About Your Brand 

business bio for instagram


Instagram bios must be short and sweet. Unfortunately, they’re only 150 characters in length, so you obviously won’t be able to put everything you want to add in it.

Instead, you could use several guide questions to create a short yet powerful bio. 

The list below can help you elicit a positive response from your target audience:

  • What’s your brand messaging?
  • What do you do?
  • What makes you or your products and services stand out?
  • How can you help others?
  • What response do you want your profile viewers to do?

If you answer some of these questions in your Insta bio for a business account, you can narrow down its character length. And you’ll also be confident with what you’ve written. 

For a more comprehensive take on what to write in your Instagram bio, make sure to check out our separate guide.

2. Your Business Bio For Instagram Should Reflect Your Content

instagram bio for business


The best entrepreneur bio for Instagram gives a glimpse of your Instagram content— the products and services you offer, as well as the advertisements you set up.

For example, entrepreneurs that offer food products can have content revolving around their menu. They can release close-up photos of their meals or an infographic showing how to order from them.

Remember that a strong bio must align with your content. Otherwise, your profile viewers will only get lost and confused.

3. Your Business Bio For Instagram Should Contain Line Breaks 


No one likes reading chunks of big text. You can easily lose your focus and end up not remembering a single thing about what you just read.

That’s why adding line breaks to your Instagram bio for entrepreneurs can keep your profile visitors engaged.

They can easily see what you can do and what you can offer. They’ll remember your brand and name longer than before.

You can emphasize important information and style them in a list format. But take note that adding line breaks also affects your total character count.  

So make sure to use them strategically. 

4. Your Business Bio For Instagram Should Convey Your Brand Personality 

entrepreneur bio for instagram


On top of your content, your Instagram bio must show who you are as an entrepreneur. Its language and tone can establish engagement and brand authority.

If you’re going for a friendly tone, adding some emojis to your bio can also do the job. But be careful because other emojis may not reflect well on different devices.

To avoid this, refrain from having an entrepreneur bio for Instagram with emojis that are hard to read. Instead, keep them balanced with your texts.

5. Your Business Bio For Instagram Should Contain Relevant Hashtags

insta bio for business account


Some of the best entrepreneur bios for Instagram contain hashtags related to their personality and content. This keeps them relevant to their profile visitors.

Personalized hashtags also help people remember what you do and what your brand offers.

6. Your Business Bio For Instagram Should Have A Call To Action


Finally, an entrepreneur bio for Instagram won’t be complete without a call to action. It can elicit a particular response from your target audience.

A good call to action should be clear, concise, and compelling. It must also contain relevant links to your website or newsletter sign-ups.

For example, your call to action can prompt your profile viewers to click on a link that redirects them to your list of services. This makes it a lot easier for them to reach out to you.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to put in your call to action, using the best link in bio tools can help you narrow down third-party tools that can assist you with creating an effective Instagram profile. 

Add a Link In your Bio and Make your Business Standout

Adding a link to your Instagram bio for entrepreneurs can encourage more followers to your account. In addition, it helps users decide what they’ll do next.

And depending on their response, you can gain or lose leads.

From a marketing standpoint, closing deals with more leads can mean better sales. So among the best Instagram growth hacks is to ask for help from a third-party app like Lift.Bio can captivate more and more Instagram users.

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Below are just some examples of how Lift.Bio helped boost their engagement and sales for their Instagram accounts:

Megan Luscombe

what should i put for my business instagram bio


One of the best examples of a great template by Lift.Bio is that of Megan Luscombe. It follows the guide questions we set earlier in the discussion.

Besides this, the design of her page conveys her brand messaging and personality as an entrepreneur. It also contains a list of its sponsors and call-to-action.

Wanessa Teodoro

insta bio for business account

Wanessa Teodoro is one of the clients of Lift.Bio. She stayed with a simple design that was not too distracting.

With the help of Lift.Bio, you can access links to her TikTok and Facebook accounts. You can also reach out to her through a bunch of other linked buttons to her other social media accounts.

 S.Florida Home Experts

insta bio for business account

An experienced realtor based in Florida, S.Florida Home Experts, partnered with Lift.Bio to organize their accounts into a single page. You can access their Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, website, and contact numbers — all in one place.

Although this user doesn’t have a compelling page background, it did make up for it with its simple yet complete information.

Wrap Up

An entrepreneur bio for Instagram can generate tons of new leads for your business. It can attract more of your profile visitors and get them to follow your page or avail of your services. So creating a compelling bio is crucial for any brand, regardless of your industry.

You can definitely do more with the help of a third-party app like Lift.Bio. You can create beautiful one-stop pages containing a list of all your brand’s social media links and websites. You can use pre-designed templates and even check out their analytics.

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