All the Ways to View Instagram Followers [Even Without an Account]

Jan 4, 2024 12:15:00 PM | Instagram All the Ways to View Instagram Followers [Even Without an Account]

Want to see someone’s IG followers? Discover all the ways you can view a user’s Instagram followers with or without an account in this step-by-step guide.

According to DataReportal, Instagram has around 1.4 billion users globally as of July 2022. With this many users, the platform remains to be one of the top social networks today. In fact, everyone you know—from your parents to your friends and colleagues—probably has an Instagram account nowadays.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out if someone follows you or your friend on Instagram, got curious if you have mutual followers, or wanted to see a private account’s followers, you might have already checked out how everything you can do to view Instagram followers. Aside from checking their profile in the app, there are other methods that can help you get information about an account’s followers even if they set their profile to private.

In this article, we’ll tell you all the ways you can view Instagram followers anonymously or using your account.

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How to View Instagram Followers

For public accounts, it’s relatively easy to view Instagram followers anonymously. 

To get started, simply follow the steps below:

  1. First, go to your or your friend’s Instagram profile. On the right side of the user’s profile picture, you will see the number of posts, follower count, and the number of accounts the user is following.
    view instagram followers
  2. Next, click Followers. This will direct you to the list of accounts the user follows.

    view instagram followers anonymously

For private Instagram accounts, the number of followers can be seen, but you won’t be able to see the accounts unless you are following them.

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Using the Supervision Feature

Instagram also has a handy feature for parents who want to supervise their teenager’s Instagram usage. The Instagram supervision feature lets you view Instagram followers of your child, along with their other in-app activities and the accounts they follow. You can enable this feature with the child's and the parent’s consent. 

To view the accounts your teen is following, do these steps on the Instagram mobile app for Android or iOS:

  1. First, on the app, tap the Profile icon on the rightmost part of the bottom menu.
    view instagram followers without account
  2. Next, tap the Hamburger (three horizontal lines) icon on the upper right part of your screen. 
  3. Then, select Settings.
  4. On Settings, tap Supervision. Here, you will see the accounts you supervise.
    how to see instagram followers without an account
  5. After that, select your child’s account.
  6. On the Followers and following section, tap See more.
  7. Finally, select the Followers tab. On this tab, you will see all the accounts that follow your teen. You can also use the search feature to check for a particular account. To view the Instagram profile of a follower, tap their display picture.

The supervision feature does not require you to follow your teen’s account. With this feature, you can also view private Instagram followers of your child even if you don’t follow them. 

Additionally, your activity will not be visible to your kid. Your account’s posts, likes, and comments will also not be viewable to your teen unless your account is public or they follow you.

Using Third-Party Follower Viewer Apps

If you’re really enthusiastic about finding out which accounts follow a private Instagram user, you might have already encountered third-party Instagram Follower Viewer apps that promise to do the dirty deed and give you the full list of followers. But the truth is, there is no certain and accurate way how to see Instagram followers without an account.

For these third-party apps, it is easy to fake a list of followers. And while some of these apps are harmless, some require you to give out information that might make you prone to phishing. 

Some might also require you to watch videos or click ads to get the list of accounts. Some apps won’t even show any list after making you do things after all. Overall, we do not recommend using third-party Instagram Viewer apps.

How to See Private Followers on Instagram without Third-Party Apps

Currently, there’s no official way to view Instagram followers without an account. As we said, Instagram doesn’t allow you to see any private Instagram account’s followers unless you are following them. However, if you still want to know, there are things you can do to get information about them.

Checking Related Followers

When viewing private account profiles, you can actually view who follows the account if you follow the same people. This applies when you have more than two related followers. 

To view the list, here’s what you can do:

  1. Go to the private account’s profile.
  2. Below the account name, you will see a list of people who follow them. Tap the icon that shows multiple account display pictures to view the rest of the list.

Using a Search Engine

There are details about a private Instagram account that you can scour on search engines like Google. For example, there are private accounts that were public before and have left some information or photos on the net. Searching their usernames on Google can also reveal other social media platforms they are on.

You can search for the account details using different keywords such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Username (account handle)
  • Username (account handle) + “Instagram”
  • Username (account handle) + their official name

If you find their accounts on other social media platforms, you can check if they have set the account to private as well. If not, you can view their friends or followers.

Send Them a Follow Request

The only official and accurate way how to view private Instagram followers is to send them a follow request. It might take time before they accept your request, but once they do, you will see the list of their followers, their posts, and other details.

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