2 Quick And Easy Ways To See Who Doesn't Follow You Back On Instagram

Feb 20, 2023 1:15:00 PM | Instagram 2 Quick And Easy Ways To See Who Doesn't Follow You Back On Instagram

Clean up your following list and only interact with engaged followers. Discover the two simple ways to find out who's not following you back on Instagram.

According to Passport-Photo.Online, around 54% of Instagram accounts, or more than half of the overall users of the platform, have fewer than 1000 followers. Many of them are brands and creators that are trying to grow their following. 

If you’re one of the nano creators or businesses trying to get your followers up by increasing your mutuals, or just curious if the new people you met followed you back, you might be wondering, “who doesn't follow me back on Instagram?” Is there any way you can check which accounts you follow don’t follow you back?

In this article, we’ll be sharing two quick and easy ways how to see who doesn't follow you back on Instagram, as well as what you can do in turn and how you can manage these accounts.

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Why Check Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram?

When you’re trying to grow your brand, you might join communities that help each other gain more organic followers as a way to increase your online presence. However, it can be frustrating to figure out later that these accounts actually didn’t follow you back or have pulled the “follow then unfollow” scheme on you.

Checking who doesn’t follow you back on Instagram is not only to feed your curiosity. There are also other reasons why you’d want to see the list of these accounts:

  • Clean up your followers list. By seeing which accounts you follow but don’t follow you back, you can unfollow them to purge your follower list of accounts not interested in your content.
  • Track your growth. By knowing who doesn’t follow you back, you can also get a good idea about how your account. If your prospective customers follow you back, you would be able to observe their behaviors more, checking who sees your Instagram posts and which posts they did see or engage with.
  • Ensure your account is healthy. If a significant number of accounts you follow don’t follow you back, there’s a chance that the kind of content you’re posting does not resonate with your audience. With this information, you can adjust your strategies to engage more people with your brand.

If you want to grow your following more organically, there are other Instagram growth hacks you can follow with more guarantee of increased engagement and following.

How to See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back on Instagram Manually

It’s simple and easy to check if an account doesn’t follow you back on Instagram. However, if you want to check for multiple accounts, you would need to do this method for each of the accounts you wish to verify.

Here’s how to check who doesn't follow you back on Instagram by browsing in-app using two different ways:

Checking Their Following List

Checking your Followers page allows you to see which accounts you follow may have previously followed you and proceeded to unfollow you. 

To check their following list, here’s what you should do:

  1. To get started, head to your Instagram profile page and tap the Following page.
    how to see who doesn't follow you back on instagram
  2. Then, search for the account you want to check if you remember their username or Instagram name. If not, just scroll down the list until you see the account.
    who doesn't follow me back on instagram
  3. Finally, tap the user’s profile, then head to their Following list. If you don’t appear on their list, this confirms that they unfollowed you or did not follow you back.

who doesn't follow me back on instagram online

The catch in this method is not only will it be more tedious the more accounts you want to check, but it also requires that you remember all the users’ names.

Checking Your Followers List

Alternatively, here’s another way how to see who doesn't follow you back on Instagram. This method requires you to view your Instagram Followers and manually verify each account. 

To get started, just go to your Profile and do the following:

  1. First, navigate to your Following list to confirm which of the accounts you will check.
    who doesn't follow me back on instagram without app
  2. Next, while still on your profile, tap on the Followers text to go to your Followers list.
    who doesn't follow me back on instagram without app
  3. You can either search for the name of the account you’re trying to check or scroll down the list until you see their name.
    who follows me back on instagram
  4. If they appear on your Followers list, it confirms that they have followed you back.

Once you know if the account you checked did not follow you back, you can choose if you want to unfollow them in turn. Just go to your profile’s Following list. Then, tap the Following button to unfollow.

How To See Who Doesn't Follow You Back On Instagram Using Third-Party Apps

If you’ve followed a lot of accounts and want to check if they unfollowed you once you followed them, it might be wiser to use an automated feature often found on third-party apps. 

Here are some of the apps we found that promise to feature how to check who doesn't follow you back on Instagram:


This app is available for both Android and iOS users. You have to log in with your account to check the accounts not following you back and those who have recently unfollowed you.


This app promises to track and provide analytics about your unfollowers. However, it also has a vast variety of features for social media management. Because of this, omnichannel businesses might benefit from Iconosquare more than private users just curious to see who doesn’t follow them back. The app is downloadable for both iOS and Android users, with the free version only available for a 14-day trial.


Combin promises to instantly detect accounts that did not follow you back, and give you the option to unfollow them in bulk. However, the app is only available on PC, Macs, and Linux. You can choose to use the free version of the app or subscribe to the paid version. The Personal paid plan costs $15 / month, while the business subscription is $30 a month.

An important note about third-party apps:

While these apps seem like the perfect answer to the question, “How to see who doesn't follow me back on Instagram?” using them can pose some risks to your account. So if you still decide to use them, you should be aware of the flaws and possible dangers of logging in to your account on any of them. 

If your account is compromised, your data might get exposed, or worse, you might get banned from the platform. Using third-party apps with possible violations might make it difficult to get unbanned on Instagram.

Yes, it’s convenient to have the capability to list down all the accounts that don’t follow you back at once. However, these follower trackers will only be useful after a while since they can only give you the data starting from when you installed the app. This is because Instagram limits what data third-party apps can access from the platform.

Wrapping it Up

Knowing how to check who doesn't follow you back on Instagram can be useful not just for your personal goals on the platform but also to know how to improve your marketing strategies as a brand. 

Curious about “who follows me back on Instagram”? With our two quick and easy methods, you can already verify if an account followed you back with just a few taps.


How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram?

There currently is no feature that lets you unfollow everyone on Instagram at once. 

To unfollow the accounts manually one by one, do the following:
  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap on the three lines in the top right corner and select "Following."
  3. From there, you can tap on each individual person's name and select "Unfollow."

Repeat this process until you have unfollowed everyone you wish to unfollow.

Can Someone See If You Unfollow Them On Instagram?

No. When you unfollow someone on Instagram, they will not receive any notification about it. They will only notice that you unfollowed them if they check their list of followers.

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