Can You See Who Watched Your Reels?

Sep 19, 2023 1:40:00 PM | Instagram Can You See Who Watched Your Reels?

Find out if it’s possible to see who watched your Instagram Reels and how to get more Reels views in this 2024 guide.

According to a data expert from Statista's Key Market Indicators (KMI), it is predicted that there will be 234.8 million more Instagram users worldwide between 2023 and 2027 (an increase of 17.65 percent). Instagram's user base is anticipated to reach 1.6 billion and hit its highest point in 2027 after four years of continuous growth.

With the increase of Instagram users year by year, it is obvious that consciously or unconsciously, people from all over the world will view or watch your reels. 

Since humans are naturally inquisitive, it’s not a big deal to be curious to know who checked, watched, or engaged with your reels on Instagram. Because it is easy to see how many views a reel has received, it is obvious you will be curious to know who watches your reels. 

Hence, this article will provide the answer to the questions about if you can see who watched your reels or not. So, read on.

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Is it Possible to See Who Views Your Reels on Instagram?

The above statistics revealed that Instagram’s popularity has indeed skyrocketed in recent years. This is because of the introduction of one of its newest features, which is known to be Instagram Reels

With this new feature, it’s obvious that people from different demographics will view your reels. Hence, one of the biggest questions to be asked is, can you see who views your Instagram reels? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

You might have heard that Instagram has not introduced a feature that enables users to see and know who has viewed their reels, which is true. The way Instagram reels work differs, as anyone who follows your account can view your reels. And sometimes, it is even easier to know who doesn't follow you back on Instagram. However, it seems so difficult to know who views your reels.

As the case may be, your post's level of engagement is determined by the view count on the content you posted. This is by far good since you can't see those who view your reels.

The fact that Instagram didn't provide a view count feature on reels doesn’t mean that the platform doesn’t keep track of it. The Instagram algorithm keeps track of every engagement and view on any of your posts. 

However, the challenge has always been that you can't specifically see or know who views your reel, as Instagram keeps this data private. Yet, as for Instagram highlights, you can see who views it.

As the case may be, you might be considering using other third-party apps to help users know who viewed their Instagram, which can pose a threat or risk to your Instagram account. 

You should note that Instagram has strict policies regarding the use of those apps. The moment you make use of the apps, you are violating Instagram's terms of service. So, it would be better not to violate the terms and conditions of Instagram and threaten your account's deactivation.

Use Instagram Reels Stats to Know More About Who Views Your Reels

With the arrival of Instagram Reel Stats, you shouldn’t be too bothered with some questions like “Can you see who views your reels?” With Instagram Reel Stats, you can now discover those who watched your Reels and the kind of content they found interesting. This will allow you to spot possibilities and raise the quality of your work. 

Follow the steps below to use your Reels Stats to find out who views your reels:

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Navigate to your Profile and go to your Reels tab.
    Can you see who watched your reels?
  3. Select any of your Reels.
    Can you see who watched your reels?
  4. And after that, besides the video on the left-hand side, you will discover a View Insights option. Note that this will instantly direct you to a page that shows your Reel’s performance stats.
    Can you see who watched your reels?
  5. The Accounts Reached section indicates that your post has been viewed, watched, and interacted with across all accounts. 
    Can you see who watched your reels?

Through Instagram Reel Stats, you will be able to have a deep comprehension of your target audience and develop more marketing ideas. Hence, the moment you have this comprehension you will know how to create more effective content that aligns with your target audience's desire, and you will be able to achieve your business goals. So, try to explore your Reels Stats now!

How to Increase Views on Your Instagram Reels

Below are just a few tips to increase views on your Instagram reels. However, for more details, check out the other ten ways to increase views on Instagram reels. Let’s continue with the tips below.

1. Create Content with Lift: Reels & Story Maker

As a content creator, sometimes it is time-consuming if you are trying to create reels from scratch. This is relatable, right? Hence, I use tools like Lift: Reels & Story Maker. Whether for personal use or you are a business owner, this tool is the best for you. With it, you can easily create captivating stories and level up your Instagram views.

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2. Post Regularly

This is so important as you embark on the journey of increasing views on Instagram Reels. Reels Stats will help you to determine the best day and time to post. 

You can easily do this by creating content calendars and scheduling the content you want to upload. The goal is to experiment with different publishing times and carefully monitor the outcome to determine which hour is most effective for you to post.

3. Be Concise As You Employ Video Engagement Strategies

Since Instagram allows users to make up to 90 seconds long reels, it will be good to know what works better for you, maybe it is long or short content. However, most of the time, shorter reels work best. 

For you to effectively communicate with your audience, you must ensure that the content is easily understood and grabs their attention right away. Try to always use original audio, add captions that the viewers enjoy, and let the overall video or reels be simple and straight to the point.

4. Do Cross-Promotional Activities and Partnerships

Sometimes, your partnership with influencers and with other businesses with the same goals will be of the greatest advantage to your brand. As you already know, influencers or celebrities tend to attract more views and audiences than noncelebrities. Hence, the probability of getting more views from a larger audience when you partner with them.


It is obvious now that you can’t see who watches your reels. However, you are still at the advantage of seeing the analytics of your Reels with Reels Stats. And with it, you can easily spot what works best for your viewers. Also, be aware that with tools like Lift: Reels & Story Maker and by being consistent with your posts on Instagram, you tend to attract more views.


How Do I Hide Reels Views?

If you are looking to hide your Instagram reel view, here's how you can easily do it:

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Log in to your account and navigate to your profile.
  3. On your phone’s top right corner, where the three horizontal lines are located, tap it and choose Settings and Privacy.
    Hide Reels Views
  4. Navigate to where Hide Likes is located and click it. After that, toggle the button.
    Hide Reels Views

Does Rewatching A Reel Count As A View?

No. No matter how many times you rewatch an Instagram reel, it will only count as once. Be aware that Instagram only counts 1 view from an account, so don’t mix things up.

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