How To Know If Instagram Banned You And Get Unbanned From Instagram

Jan 31, 2023 10:31:34 AM | Instagram How To Know If Instagram Banned You And Get Unbanned From Instagram

You can get rid of a temporary block on Instagram by complying with the policies, avoiding mass following, using bots, and completing the profile.

When you log into your account, you may receive a notification that your account is disabled. Alternatively, when a friend searches for you, they may see "user not found.” 

If you are wondering why it happened, it could be because Instagram has banned your account.

You may have a fully functional account with a huge reach and beautifully crafted stories through applications like Lift: Story Maker. You can also download the Lift: Story Maker app to create engaging Instagram content.

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But, the content and reach might not be enough to save you from being banned on Instagram. Going slightly against the user policy can result in a permanent or temporary block on Instagram. The action taken may depend on the degree of deviation from the policy. However, it will not be good for your account to be banned for a long time, as you may lose followers.

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How to Tell if Your Instagram Account is Banned?

There are various ways you can know if your Instagram Account is banned. Typically Instagram sends out an email to the user whose account gets banned. The email mentions that your account is banned and may also contain the reason for this action. 

If you are unsure about the status of your account, you can check that through the Instagram application. Use your other account or ask a friend to search for your account. Here’s how to know if Instagram banned you.

Not Found on Search

The first step to checking your account’s status is to ask a friend to search for your account on the application. Ask them to follow these steps:

  • They should go to the Explore option (magnifying glass) at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on it will take them to the trending reels and search bar. 
  • They need to type your username in the search bar and search for it. If your friend has not blocked you, your account must appear upon entering your username. 
  • If you cannot see your account, it might be because you have been banned from the social platform.

Nonoperational Account

Sometimes, you might not be able to see or operate your account despite being logged in. The best way to check whether your account is working is to log out and log in again. If you have been banned, you will see a pop-up telling you that your account has been deactivated.

Not Able To Post or Comment

Another common occurrence is the inability to interact with posts. When Instagram bans your account, you cannot post, like, or comment.

Instagram Pop-up

Immediately check your email if you receive a pop-up from Instagram regarding a temporary block. When Instagram bans your account, it sends an email with the deactivation details. It also gives you the option to appeal for unban.

If you have not received an email about the temporary or permanent ban on your Instagram, here is another possible issue you can explore when wondering how to tell if your Instagram account is banned:

  1. Check your internet connection, and you might realize that Instagram never banned you. 
  2. Disconnect and reconnect your Wi-Fi or internet data on your phone, and restart the application.
  3. Running a speed test can also help you understand if your internet is working fine or needs fixing.

how to tell if your Instagram account is banned

What Leads to an Instagram Ban?

Instagram is quite strict with its policies, and if you go against the community guidelines in any way, you are more likely to lose your account. The platform usually informs you or issues a warning before removing your account. Yet, sometimes, if the content contains something that poses a risk to the community, Instagram may remove or ban your account without any prior warning.

Various reasons may lead to an Instagram ban. The most common causes of an Instagram account ban include the following:


Age is one of the most critical factors regarding Instagram account bans. Nowadays, everyone wants to be on social media, while Instagram does not allow children under 13 years of age. So, the platform will block your account if you are on Instagram and have yet to turn 13.

Mass Following

The follow-for-follow trend has become quite popular in increasing followers on social media. But Instagram does not appreciate this, which may cause trouble for you, leading to an account ban.

Paid Followers

Paid followers have become a norm on all social media platforms, including Instagram. However, they try to ensure and avoid gaining followers through unethical means. If you have used bots to get more followers or another unethical method, you are likely to get your account banned.

Copyrighted Content Copy

Social media users have not been much familiar with the concept of copyrights and plagiarism. Despite more emphasis on copyrights in recent years, many Instagram users still ignore this aspect. Thus, your account might be banned if you knowingly or unknowingly used copyrighted content on your account. The best way to avoid posting copyrighted visual content, even if you take it from another source, such as search engines, is to perform a reverse image search. It will let you ensure the images you are going to post on your Instagram account are under the creative commons and public usage categories. Posting visual content from the creative commons category, give credit to the actual author or make some modifications before posting it on Instagram.


While Instagram encourages freedom of expressing thoughts and sharing whatever you like on your account, it does not appreciate nudity. So, accounts that post nude, sexual, or partially nude content on their account are at a higher risk of account ban.


Despite strict behavior policies at Instagram, many users are subjected to abuse and harassment by other users. This is not only a lawful offense but can also lead to a permanent or temporary block on Instagram. Impersonating another person has the same kind of results.


Using Instagram for unauthorized and illegal purposes, like hacking or modifying Instagram, may also lead to removing your account from the platform.

Terms Violation Account Disability Notification on Instagram

How Long Might a Temporary IG Ban Last?

If you have a private account, you do not have to worry about a temporary IG ban, as it will be back in 24 to 48 hours. If it is your first or you have just been banned a few times, the account gets unbanned earlier. However, if Instagram has blocked your account many times, it might need more convincing to get it back.

Thus, your action and interest in getting your account back also play a major role. If you keep making the same mistake, there are higher chances that it will take you a long time to recover your account.

How to Get Unbanned from Instagram?

You have to be quite careful while using Instagram to avoid getting banned from Instagram. When you receive an email from Instagram mentioning the ban, you can check if you have gone against the community guidelines. If you think your account was suspended by mistake, you can get your Instagram account back by connecting to the help center.

Usually, the email contains an option that allows you to appeal against the ban. Alternatively, you can appeal by choosing the “Report” option and sharing the issue. 

Here’s how to get unbanned from Instagram through the help center:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Click on the menu icon on the top right of your screen.
  3. Select Settings and go to Help. Choose what suits your situation the best.

Instagram Ban Report

How Not to Get Banned on Instagram

You can avoid getting banned on Instagram by considering a few preventive measures:

Link Your Instagram To Other Social Media 

Linking your Instagram account increases its credibility and makes it legitimate. It will save you from being banned from the platform multiple times. 

Complete Your Profile

Incomplete profiles are at the highest risk of getting banned as they do not seem legitimate. Complete your profile at the earliest to reduce the chances of being banned and remove bans earlier.

Comply with Community Guidelines

The best thing is to comply with community guidelines not to come into the radar and provide an opportunity for a ban on Instagram. Do not use copyrighted material, avoid mass following, and take care of nudity and harassment policies.

Wrapping Up

Regardless of how many visible followers you have or interesting content, your Instagram account may need a ban. It could be due to various reasons, such as being below the age of 13. Other reasons for a temporary block on Instagram include compliance with the behavioral policy, such as using copyrighted content and harassing other users. A hacking attempt or using bots and used followers may also lead to a temporary or permanent ban on Instagram.


Is it Possible to Receive A Permanent Ban On Instagram?

Temporary bans are common on Instagram, and deviation from the guidelines may lead to a temporary ban at any time. But, if they observe that you are repeating the same mistakes like copying content, mass following, using bots, etc., your account might get banned permanently. 

How To Get Unbanned From Instagram Live

Besides getting a temporary block on Instagram, you might get a ban on going live on Instagram. While it typically lasts up to 48 hours, you can go to the help center and share your problem. If you do not repeat the same frequency, you will retrieve your account within 48 hours.

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