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Feb 15, 2024 5:29:00 AM | Instagram Everything You Need To Know About "User Not Found" On Instagram

Do you often get a user not found on Instagram message when trying to access a profile? Learn why it happens and what you can do to solve it.

When you post something on IG, its algorithm prioritizes it with higher engagement which results in more comments and likes. The more users see your pictures or posts, the more beneficial they will be for your business. But what if your audience fails to find you on IG? 

You will need help to drive the engagement you need on your posts. If you use Instagram frequently, you've probably encountered the "user not found" problem. You might have even come across it when attempting to access a friend's profile.

User not found on Instagram is one of the most common errors many users, entrepreneurs, and influencers report when searching for a profile. The error creates confusion while wasting time for people looking for specific profiles and pages.  

So what does “user not found” mean on Instagram? 

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What does User Not Found Mean on Instagram?

"User not found on IG" is one of the most common notifications you may get when you try to access profiles that are either non-existent, banned or temporarily deactivated. There can be more reasons that can cause the "User not found on IG" error on this social media platform. 

If you often encounter technical or mechanical errors like Black Instagram messages or users not found on Instagram, remember that they may prevent your profile from being shown in the user's search engine. 

Therefore, it is essential to determine the real reason causing this error on the IG profiles.  Let’s dig into the details to find out why it says user not found on Instagram. 

1. The Account is Temporarily Disabled

Although Instagram is a fun app, it's common to come across users who occasionally just want to step away from this platform for some time. And while some users are happy to log out of Instagram or remove the IG app from their phones, others would instead disable their accounts.  

There can be a number of reasons, including personal ones. Many businesses, entrepreneurs, and celebrities do that to avoid controversies or negative feedback from their followers for an act or product. You may have seen many IG influencers doing that to get away from the trollers. Deactivating their accounts momentarily for such users enables them to temporarily remove their thoughts from the site until they feel ready to return.

When you try to access these profiles, you'll see the "no user found on Instagram "message since Instagram considers temporarily deleted accounts to be non-existent until they are reinstated.  

In short, if you're still looking for a friend or a user and thinking about what it means if the user is not found on Instagram, know that the other person might be on a break from IG. 

Remember that Instagram doesn’t provide details of a disabled account. 

2. The Account Was Removed

Remove Instagram account

The user may have deactivated their account, which is another potential explanation for why you are receiving the "Instagram user not found" notice. Remember that if an account was removed or deleted, the person cannot restore it. They have to make a new account using the same or a different email address. If the same name has been used for the account, you may be able to find it on IG again.  

People remove their accounts as they become bored with Instagram. They switch to another app or simply no longer use it. When you attempt to visit the profile pages of deleted accounts, the app shows the "no user found on Instagram" message.

3. The User has Received a Ban

A banned IG profile 

Not all people choose to leave Instagram on their own; some have to do it for a reason.  A user's account may be suspended if they offend Instagram's terms of service by posting hate speech, harassing other users, or acting illegally.

In that instance, the Instagram account ban may cause an error when trying to access someone’s profile. The accounts of individuals reported by others are similarly restricted on Instagram. Like the "user not found" message, accessing these restricted profiles would return the same result.

4. Not Found User? You might have Entered the Wrong Username

User not found on Instagram

On Instagram, there are more than one billion active accounts. This makes it more difficult than most users like to find a distinctive, simple-to-read, and spelled username.

Some people employ strange character combinations that aren't spoken as they are typed, are simple to forget, or can be readily misspelled to create unusual usernames.

As a result, if you attempt to visit the profile and miss a character or letter in the username, you can receive the message "user not found on Instagram." You may solve this issue by requesting the person to type and email you the profile link or username they use.

Or look for other accounts that have a mutual connection with them, the username in their list of followers, or the accounts they follow.

5. The Person's Username Was Modified

For a variety of reasons, Instagram users alter their usernames. While changing users' names can be one of the Instagram growth hacks for some businesses, others do it to express a change in their virtual identity.

Regardless of the reason, trying to access the profile of a person who changed his username can also be the cause of the "user not found" message. One way to figure this out is to obtain an updated username.

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6. You’ve Been Blocked

Does user not found mean blocked?

Yes, if none of those above explanations fit the "user not found" message you receive while accessing a user's profile, you've probably been blocked.  

It's not always personal to be blocked. People typically block users whose content they don't want to see on their feeds. Many famous people also unfollow their followers to stop criticism. If you can't find a specific profile and get users not found on Instagram messages constantly and thinking, am I blocked? This could be true. 

Ask a mutual acquaintance to see if they have access to the profile you want to find if you think you've been blocked to validate your concern. If they can, this is the case of “user not found Instagram blocked."


You might need help finding an Instagram account for various reasons. The person may have changed the profile handle, which is one of the most common causes. Major accounts with a large following rarely change IG handles unless there is a significant need to do so.

These kinds of companies and brands have additional websites and social media channels. You can check their websites to see if the information there has changed. You can ask your colleagues and friends about someone if they are also following the person you’re looking for on social media.

Thus, the article explains the possible reasons why you get a “user not found on Instagram” message and ways you can resolve it. To benefit more from your IG account, download Lift pro and make impressive stories and videos here.

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