What is The Best Instagram Reel Length for Creators in 2024?

Dec 13, 2023 4:11:00 AM | Instagram What is The Best Instagram Reel Length for Creators in 2024?

Discover the best length for your IG reels. You’d also learn how the length of your videos affects user engagement and how to do it better in 2024.

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When you log on to Instagram, it’s easy to think that this social media platform is only designed for pictures. But the narrative is quickly changing. 

Today, Instagram is a one-stop hub for video content. The increase in video content has been due to the launch of Instagram’s new feature — Reels. Since their inception, Instagram Reels have been an effective way to draw users' attention. These videos typically grab user attention and increase engagement. 

Instagram reels are a popular source of online video content. It’s similar to YouTube shorts and TikTok videos and lets users create, share and view short video snippets. There are different ways to create Instagram reels. 

You may also use effective tools like Lift: Story Maker to create unique reels. IG reel length is crucial if you’re creating these short videos to maximize user engagement. So, what’s the optimal IG reel length? Keep reading this piece to find out. 

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How Long Can a Reel Be on Instagram in 2024?

According to Adam Mosseri, Instagram is now a video platform. This social media platform has gradually transitioned to video content, and the introduction of IG reels has been a great step forward. IG reels are great for new users to get engagement and views. These reels have proven to be an effective way to keep IG users glued to their screens. 

IMG_7054How Long Can a Reel Be on Instagram

Reels are an interesting feature that allows users to upload content that would otherwise be impossible with mere pictures. They offer an innovative level of creativity, too. Now, brands can share explicit messages and reach a wider audience. 

IG reels have been around for quite some time. There’s no doubt that this feature will improve engagement on your account. While Instagram’s algorithm is designed to make your reels go viral, you’ll need to be conscious of the nature of the video content you post. 

We live in a fast-paced world, and the length of social media videos is now more important than ever. Social media platforms like Instagram are mostly concerned about quick consumption. And that’s why you’ll see that short videos become viral more than lengthy ones. 

So, how long can a reel be on Instagram? 

  • When Instagram reels were invented, they were 15 seconds long

  • After some time, the length of these reels was increased to 30 seconds, before 60 seconds, and finally 90 seconds. 

  • However, there are some special cases where you’d be allowed to post reels of up to 15 minutes. 

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What’s the Best Instagram Reel Length?

As discussed earlier, Instagram reels are short videos that go straight to the point. They create a new interaction between users and their followers, especially influencers. 

But if you want to maximize the reach and effect of your IG reels, you need to determine the best length for these videos. Your Instagram reel length will determine how it will rank in Instagram’s algorithm. 

So, what’s the best Instagram reel length to grow your account, followers, and engagement? 

The truth is that there’s no ideal length for creating an Instagram reel. Research and online data have revealed that 7—15 seconds is a good length for these reels. Videos of this length are straight to the point and deliver a clear message. But this doesn’t mean that other video lengths will not help you achieve your objective. In fact, your Instagram reel length will depend on your content strategy. 

The best tactic for recording reels is to use the first three seconds of your video wisely. The first three seconds are crucial because they will determine the impression of most people about your content. 

Within the first three seconds, anyone would decide whether to continue watching the video or skip to something else. Focus on creating a thrilling hook that will spur your viewers to keep watching. The good idea is to ensure that they keep anticipating what’s coming in the video. 

You may wish to make your reels as short as possible, but certain scenarios may also arise when you’d have to use the full 90 seconds for your content. However, it’s essential that you ensure you have enough content to fill out the entire duration of your video. 

Fillers are a bad sign for social media viewers. This means every second has to count. Choose something longer if your content is too much to squeeze into 15 seconds. 

Depending on the length of your video, you may find that 60-90 seconds may be a suitable time for your audience. It’s a good idea to experiment with different lengths to find the best strategy that works. 

What Does a 90-second IG Reels Time Limit Mean for Creators? 

As mentioned earlier, IG reels time limit has been changed several times over the years. When this feature was launched in 2020, it had a 15-second time limit. Fast forward to today, and anyone can now create reels up to 90 seconds. 

While most people are talking about Instagram’s decision to increase the reel's time limit to 90 seconds, what does it really mean for creators? 

  • The most obvious thing to note about the new 90-second limit is that it will offer creators more time to record their content. Many creators will now be able to post detailed videos with clear messages

  • The 90-second limit may increase the optimal threshold for creators, and the IG algorithm would rank longer videos higher. This would be a great turn of events for skit makers and influencers. 

  • Short skits don’t have to be rushed to gain more visibility, and more creative content can be added, too. Within a short time, users will begin to come across longer reels from their favorite creators. 

How to Create Engaging Reels in 2024?

If you want to take your Instagram account to the next level in 2024, you need to learn to create engaging reels. 

The following tips will show you how to create engaging reels in 2024: 

  • Analyze your competitors: A good way to come up with intriguing reels is to check what your competitors are doing. By doing this, you may learn something unique about how they engage their viewers. You can apply some of this new knowledge to your own videos. 

  • Use music that flows with your content: Adding music to your video reels will make them more enjoyable. Tools like Lift: Reels & Story Maker will help you add music to your video content in a few steps. Take some time to research the best type of music for your video content. You may also use trending sounds that quickly draw viewers' attention. 

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  • Add text to your reels: Yes, Instagram reels are all about video content, but adding text would help viewers know what’s happening. It’ll bring their attention to the subject matter and make you seem more approachable. 
  • Be Creative: Avoid using the same strategy or content style in every video. When viewers notice a pattern in your reels, they may become bored. Ensure that every video is creative and stands out from the rest of your library. 


This article has clearly shown that the length of your IG reels is crucial. This video content will help you interact with your audience, and you have to make sure they are paying attention. While there’s no optimal length for this video content, keeping it as short as possible is a great idea.

Ensure you maximize the first few seconds of your IG reels and get your audience hooked. However, you may also consider applying other actionable tips, such as using hashtags, to increase the reach of your videos.

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